Stacey Dooley slammed on Twitter for being ‘free to roam’ in maternity ward: ‘What a joke’

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Stacey Dooley, 33, is known for presenting hard-hitting documentaries, and her latest offering on babies born in lockdown showed the star investigating mothers who gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The former Strictly Come Dancing champ, met with mothers in Bradford to discuss their experiences, where coronavirus restrictions were last week strengthened again.

Why is Stacey Dooley allowed in?

Twitter user

However, some viewers of the programme were not best pleased that Stacey was able to access maternity wards while “fathers of the babies can’t”.

One user wrote: “Lol what a joke Stacey Dooley and a whole film crew can go into maternity wards but fathers of the babies cant. [sic]

“I’ll have to attend every scan and appointment alone but come on in BBC film crew!”

Another replied: “Father had a fight to get into the maternity wards to see their babies being born, but Stacey Dooley is allowed free roam?”

While a third commented: “Why is Stacey Dooley allowed in the midwife appointment with a stranger, but not the woman’s partner? Entertainment purposes okay, but moral support is not?”

However other users defended Stacey, as they insisted that she was facing unfair criticism.

One tweeter questioned: “Didn’t Ross Kemp do similar at the start of the pandemic, going into covid wards? 

“Didn’t see the same level of anger for him as there is against Stacey Dooley,” they added.

While another fan declared the star a “national treasure” for her empathetic approach to tough subject matters.

On the programme, Stacey interviewed Katie Mahon who gave birth to her baby boy, Jacob, by an emergency C-section at just 28 weeks back in April.

She admitted to being “a bit starstruck” by Stacey who signed Jacob’s Winnie the Pooh books.

However, she said the broadcaster was “really, really lovely and down to earth” during the filming at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

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Stacey recently defended herself after she faced criticism for her Luton accent.

The Strictly Come Dancing champion responded by claiming she is “really not a**sed” what other people think of her accent.

The original tweet to Stacey read: “It really is time for elocution lessons – that accent is just awful” (sic).

Stacey immediately hit back: “You’re right. How do I properly pronounce… I’m really not arsed what some random middle age man thinks’.” (sic)

The documentary filmmaker has previously spoken to The Guardian about how she felt not universally liked by colleagues.

Stacey told the paper that some do not “understand” how she is working in journalism, owing to her proudly “working class” background.

She recalled insults given to her while working “‘Ooh, you’ve got holes in your jeans,’ or [they] mimic my accent.”

However, the esteemed broadcaster has said she works “really hard” to be in the industry and can relate with topics on a personal level that some “middle class-journalists might not”.

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