Squirrels Take Over Park in Santa Monica During California Lockdown

Santa Monica parks are no longer filled with humans … they’re being overrun by a gaggle of squirrels … and the video is absolutely NUTS!!!

Check out the furry little critters chilling out and catching some rays in the parks along the world-famous Santa Monica Beach … the squirrels definitely seem way more relaxed and comfortable now that tourists and locals are nowhere to be found.

Most people are just staying indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus … allowing these squirrels to roam free without a care in the world.

Seriously … have you ever seen squirrels out in force like this before?!?

The squirrel scene is reminiscent of what we’ve already seen over in Wales, where an entire town is being overrun by goats as humans shelter-in-place.

Enjoy it while you can, animals!!!

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