'Simpsons' Star Harry Shearer Would Love Trump's Disapproval on Spoof Album

Harry Shearer is definitely trying to poke the bear that is Donald Trump with a hilarious spoof album that’s got the President singing show tunes … and kissing Jared Kushner‘s butt.

The legendary voice actor and comedian — who’s played countless characters on “The Simpsons” — came on “TMZ Live” to talk about his new album, “The Many Moods of Donald Trump,” which he’s been teasing with new single drops throughout the summer.

His first one was a banger — it’s called “Son in Law” … and it’s all about singing the virtues Jared. It also features Harry playing DT (with some incredible motion-capture animation tech) as he goes through a show-stopping number in the Oval Office. It’s an awesome music video.

Now, as for whether this one was aimed at Donnie or Jared, Harry tells us they can split his mockery right down the middle. And, as far as praise, HS says the ultimate compliment would be if 45 himself hate tweets about ‘TMMDT.’ That’d be like hitting #1 on the charts!

We then pivoted to a much more serious topic — the November election, which could see Trump in power for another four years — well, Harry has opinions.

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