Shawn Mendes Reveals He's Struggling To Be His 'True Honest Unique Self' In Candid Letter To Fans!

Shawn Mendes is opening up, and his deep dark thoughts have some fans concerned!

On Tuesday, the Canadian musician took it upon himself to pen a heartfelt letter to followers on social media. And he got raw in the Notes app ramble, admitting he’s been battling with the desire to reveal his full and “unique self” to the world while also fearing people’s opinions on his “truth.” Deep!

The 23-year-old began by expressing his inspiration to write the message, explaining:

“sometimes i ask myself what it is that i should be doing with my life and what i always hear in return is ‘to tell the truth, to be the truth’ i feel like that’s a hard thing to do though.”

So hard, especially when you’re famous and already have a certain image. But what truth is he struggling with?? He’s already opened up about the gay rumors that have circled him for years and how hurtful its been.

That aside, Camila Cabello’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t think the world always knows him for him. Would his millions of adoring fans like the person he is out of the spotlight?? The Wonder crooner continued:

“i’m afraid that if people know and see the truth they might think less of me. They might become bored of me. so in those moments of feeling low i either put on a show or hide. The truth, in current form is a 23 year old who constantly feels like he’s either flying or drowning. Maybe that’s just what it is to be in your 20’s idk, or maybe that’s just me.”

Yeesh! Shawn really sounds like he’s having a rough time! But we guess that’s to be expected after splitting from the Fifth Harmony alum last year… As he regroups from that heartbreak, he seems determined to unveil his full self to his audience, adding:

“The truth is i really do wanna show up in the world as my 100% true honest unique self and not care what anyone thinks, sometimes i do!! sometimes i really don’t care what people think and i feel free. most of the time its a struggle tho. That’s the truth”

Relatable AF! And not something Shawn’s never faced before. But, surprisingly, it’s not just his personal life that he feels like he’s “failing” at — the When You’re Gone vocalist revealed he also faces similar issues when dealing with his career! The Grammy nominee reflected:

“The truth is even with so much success I still find it hard to feel like I’m not failing.
hyper focused on what i don’t have, forgetting to see all that i do.
The truth is i’m overwhelmed and overstimulated

In hopes of not freaking his Mendes Army out too much, the singer insisted in conclusion:

“the truth is ALSO that i’m okay.
I’m just tryna tell and be the truth.
i like to think that maybe me saying this might resonate with some people.”

As to be expected, his diehards poured their hearts out in the comment section showering him with lots of support and encouragement (if not out of a little bit of worry for their fav celeb). Take a look at some of the top comments (below):

“i feel this so much. life is a never ending puzzle to me. sometimes everything fits into place. sometimes i can’t figure out where anything goes! but sometimes you just gotta make peace with the pieces.”

“I felt so much comfort reading this”

“i think i speak for everyone in their 20s when i say we’re all either flying or drowning”

“Also just wanna say one thing it’s COMPLETELY NORMAL to feel afraid about what people will think/feel about you. But sometimes you just gotta say F**K IT and allow yourself to be the real you. You don’t realise how much allowing yourself to be the REAL YOU will inspire others…”

“I truly believe that as long as you are honest with yourself everything will be fine. For many of your fans you are more than a singer, you are an important part of our lives and we will love and accept you the way you are, keep that in mind..”

“Shawn babe just be yourself but it’s okay to reserve your true feelings and keep some things private and sacred just for you and those special few such as family and close friends to protect yourself from over demanding public. Just keep making your music and have a good time”

“I hope that you are okay and also I really appreciate you being so honest and open about what you’re feeling it’s really admirable and it does resonate and it does help us to feel like we’re not alone did l mention we all love you SO MUCH”

“You are never alone! Thank you immensely for keeping it real.”

Def not alone on this one!

A lot of people seem to be in the same boat!

To reassure fans further, Shawn popped back on Twitter later in the day to elaborate on his emotional rant, noting:

“I’m honestly so okay! I just wanna communicate with you guys in a real honest way. So I just typed big old note out for you lol”

He continued in a second tweet:

“And I guess I’m like damn if I’m feeling this with all the blessings I have I imagine there must be so many people feeling this and just don’t want them to feel alone !!”

His honesty certainly seems to have resonated with a lot of fans! Hey, growing up is hard, even when you’re a superstar! Glad to see he’s okay even if he might be grappling with some complicated feelings! Thoughts??

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