Scarlette and Stuart Douglas on third sibling that turned down team-up

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Scarlette Douglas, 35, spoke to Express.co.uk on the same day her final episode of A Place in the Sun aired back in August, 2022, as the presenter prepared to debut her new Channel 4 show Worst House on the Street with her brother Stuart Douglas. The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star was joined by her brother, as they both revealed they had a third sibling who turned down the chance to get into business with them.

Speaking about how The Worst House on the Street came to be, Stuart also explained that middle sibling Andrew had decided not to team up with his brother and sister.

“I’ve pretty much been jumping on Scarlette’s coattails really,” he admitted. “Scarlette obviously started in musical theatre and went on to become a presenter, and I used to play professional football.

“I’d endeavour to buy a property in each of the areas of the clubs that I played at, and I said to Scarlette when she was in theatre, ‘I’m not too sure how your pension will be. But if you’d like to come into business, and we can do property together, I’ve been doing it for a few years now. And it’ll be good if we could do it together’.

“I actually offered my brother the same opportunity,” he continued. “I said, ‘Let’s do that as siblings, and we’ll have a company and do property all three of us together.’

“He turned it down,” Stuart revealed. “It wasn’t really for him, but Scarlett said, ‘Oh I’d love to do that.’

“So we started to develop the property together. And from there – it’s a proper passion of ours anyway – that’s how the property side of it got started.

Stuart then went on to describe how Channel 4 bosses had taken a chance with him, giving the former footballer a screen test only to find that he was a natural in front of the camera.

“I went with my sister, we did a screen test in the production company studios in Holborn and I didn’t hear anything for about six weeks,” he remembered.

“And then they came back and said that the production company really liked what they saw. So I was given the gig. And then, it pretty much snowballed from there.”

Speaking about their family, Stuart and Scarlette went on to reflect how “proud” their parents were of them all.

“Our parents are really, really proud,” Stuart confirmed, before discussing their brother Andrew further.

“My brother, he’s got very good business acumen,” he said. “We often discuss any ventures or plans as a duo – but we’ve discussed that with him, and he gives us great advice.

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“We’re a very close family, very honest, very open, very upfront. But yeah, I think because we’re so close… What we’re doing is not just my sister and I – who I suppose are benefiting from and enjoying this – it’s a journey the whole family is enjoying and it’s one we’re able to share together.”

Asked about their age difference, Stuart revealed he is the oldest sibling, while Scarlette complained that he still looked as youthful as her.

“So I’m nine years older than Scarlette – people don’t believe that!,” Stuart quipped cheekily.

“People actually ask, Who is older out of you and your brother?’” Scarlette confirmed. “And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Surely he looks older. “

“And every time they ask that, I love it!” Stuart chimed in, as Scarlette continued: “And then Andrew is seven years older than me, so there’s two years between Stuart and Andrew – and then I popped along seven years later as a surprise and the only girl!”

Scarlette is best known for her presenting role on A Place in the Sun, but has also since gone on to star in ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Since then, the charismatic star has bagged a presenting gig on Good Morning Britain and continues to make regular TV appearances.

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