Saweetie Reveals Several Breakdowns Led Her to Cut Off Her Hair: ‘I Wanted to Start Over’

In a new interview, the ‘Icy Girl’ raptress says that she decided to shave her head because she ‘wanted to start over again’ and had to shave her head as ‘hair holds a lot of energy.’

AceShowbizSaweetie has candidly opened up the real inspiration behind her decision to cut off her hair. In a new interview, the “Tap In” hitmaker revealed that several breakdowns that led her to shave her head.

During an interview with Power 106 on Thursday, February 24, the hip-hop star said that meditation played such a major role in her decision to cut off her hair. “Meditation, as crazy as it sounds, because I just found so much clarity within myself,” she said.

“I wanted to start over and I did research about hair and hair holds a lot of energy. And I really wanted to just feel new and fresh with this new music,” Saweetie went on explaining. The “Best Friend” raptress added, “I won’t say new me. But elevated me. I really just wanted to start over again.”

Asked to give a definition of “elevated Saweetie,” the “Icy Girl” hitmaker replied, “She meditates, she’s centered, she has clarity, she knows what she wants, she puts her foot down.” She went on to elaborate, “I feel like before I discovered meditation, everything was, ‘Yes yes yes, I’ll do it.'”

“No matter how bad my body felt, if the opportunity was great, I just said yes and I kept running down my mental, my spiritual, my physical,” Saweetie added. She continued asking, “But how am I gonna continue to work if I’m depleted?”

Saweetie first debuted her brand new hair makeover last December. Taking to her Instagram page, she showed off her fresh buzz haircut while flaunting her hourglass curves in a skimpy bikini in the swimming pool.

In a couple of other pictures, Saweetie could be seen taking a deep dip in the ocean. The photos were taken from her island vacation. Though she didn’t reveal the exact location, rumors suggested she jetted off to Jamaica for the exotic getaway with hip-hop producer Larrance Dopson.

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