Rylan Clark-Neal admits he needed medical attention after that X Factor meltdown

Rylan Clark-Neal will never be allowed to forget the moment he had a meltdown on X Factor when Nicole Scherzinger sent him to the live shows.

But that's mainly because he watches it every year to remind himself how far he's come.

The TV presenter has gone on to huge success after being considered by some as the "joke act" of X Factor 2012.

Since then, he's become a national treasure after winning Celebrity Big Brother , hosting spin-off Big Brother's Bit On The Side and giving us our showbiz gossip on This Morning.

But looking back on the moment he collapsed to his knees in tears of joy, the 30-year-old admitted he actually needed medical attention when it happened, with ITV staff calling in paramedics.

Rylan says he was playing a "character" during his time on the show, and knew that he "had to be the gay stereotype that was on the front of the papers every day".

He says he did his job well, but that his infamous meltdown wasn't part of the act – it was 100% real.

He told The Guardian : "No, that was true. But only because we were drinking in the pool until about 7am and it was 50-degree heat and I’d had an hour’s sleep. I knew I only needed a week on the live shows to earn a bit of money and set myself up for a while.

"But you only saw a bit of the crying. It went on for 45 minutes and they had to call a paramedic. I couldn’t breathe!"

He explained that he watches the clip once a year to remind himself how much it all means.

Rylan, who lives with husband Dan and his 19-year-old stepson Cameron, also revealed that he's modelled his own home on the Big Brother set, because it's the only place he's ever felt "safe".

He has Big Brother 'eyes' above each door and his garden was landscaped by people who worked to build the set.

The star even has his very own Diary Room, which he uses as a place to sit, think and talk, either to himself or to other people.

Rylan was heavily involved in the design of his house, and chose to make it fully voice-activated.

The only problem is when the electricity or the wi-fi goes out.

He says he recently lost wi-fi and was "screaming for Alexa to help" because he couldn't remember how to turn his lights on like a 'normal' person.

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