Royal family fear Meghan will release memoir after writing daily diary as a royal

The Royal Family are said to be fearful that Meghan Markle will release a “bombshell” memoir following her confession that she wrote a daily diary during her time working as a royal in her latest interview.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, revealed in an interview with The Cut that she recently rediscovered her journal, which she had written in every day back when she was a senior royal, when she returned to Frogmore Cottage in June.

Meghan and Prince Harry, 37, had come back to the UK to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and during this time the Duchess revisited their previous official residence to pack up “personal matters”, when she found her diary.

Meghan told the New York magazine: “You go back and you open drawers and you're like, Oh my gosh. This is what I was writing in my journal there?”

Now, it is thought that the Royal Family are concerned Meghan will publish a memoir consisting of what's written in the diary.

Margaret Holder, author of Diana: The Caring Princess told Mail Online: “She had enough time in the royal fold to learn secrets, some decades old, which could cause embarrassment and heartache for the Queen and her family, but could earn a fortune for Meghan.”

Prince Harry is due to release his own book at the end of the year. A source close to him told the Sun: “I'd be very surprised if Meghan wasn't writing a book.”

It’s been claimed by another insider that Meghan wasn’t allowed to keep hold of her diary during her time as a royal, and wrote her frustrations about this in her journal.

They said: “Harry and Meghan were told to ignore social media and newspapers but sometimes staff would say to them, 'so sorry about what was written the other day', and she would hit the roof.

“She wrote it all in her diary as an insurance policy.

“If it ever saw the light of day it would surely be dynamite. By the sounds of it, this journal was rediscovered this summer, boxed up and shipped back to Montecito.”

Ms Holder believes a possible memoir from the Duchess would be more explosive than any memoir that’s come before it.

She said: “The revelation that Meghan rediscovered what she was writing in her journal at Frogmore Cottage must trigger warning signals to the Royal Family.

“For Meghan, a book about her time with the royals offers a great opportunity for settling scores, naming those who offended her, and hitting back at a system she didn't understand and was unwilling to learn.”

These claimed concerns come after Meghan shared in her latest interview that she is not prevented from saying anything, adding: “It's interesting, I've never had to sign anything that restricts me from talking.

"I can talk about my whole experience and make a choice not to.” When why she hasn’t yet talked, the Duchess responded: “Still healing.”


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