'Red Table Talk' to Discuss Polyamory Next… Because Willow Is Into It

“She’s 18 who the heck knows what’s going to go down,” Jada said of her daughter.

"Red Table Talk" is famous for its discussion of real topics — and the subject matter for its upcoming episode is another one close to home.

Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed the family trio will next discuss polyamory, after daughter Willow expressed an interest in it.

"It’s a throuple that Willow was actually following on Instagram," Jada told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. "That’s how it all came to be. She became very curious about this whole polyamory thing."

When the host asked if Willow might actually pursue a relationship with more than one other person, Jada replied: "Possibly. I don’t know. Listen, she’s 18 who the heck knows what’s going to go down."

This isn’t the first time the "Whip My Hair Back and Forth" singer has shied away from the concept of monogamy; during a "Red Table Talk" last year, she declared: "That feeling of ‘you’re my one and my only, there’s no one else’… for me, that would not work."

It was that same episode when Willow recalled the first time she was introduced to sex was "obviously walking in on you and daddy."

Despite her clear willingness to discuss the topic on her show, Willow is actually quite private when it comes to her personal relationships; she was most recently rumored to be romantically linked to rapper Tyler Cole, in early 2018.

When it comes to relationships, the Smith family sure knows how to keep us on our toes. Back in November of 2018, Jaden Smith, 20, claimed that he is in fact, dating Tyler the Creator.

He addressed these claims to a crowd of fans at his Camp Flog Naw set stating, "Tyler doesn’t wanna say, but Tyler is my motherf–king boyfriend, and he’s been my motherf–kng boyfriend my whole motherf–king life. It’s true. Tyler is my boyfriend."

Whether it was all just a joke or not, it’s still unclear. However, sexuality seems to be very fluid and a comfortable topic to talk about at the Smith household, and on "Red Table Talk."

Jada, 47, recently got real honest about her addiction to pornography as a young adult, revealing she used to use sex toys to experience "five orgasms a day" when she was 21.

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