Rapper Blac Youngsta Pulls Out Gun at Aggressive Crowd During Concert

In footage which has circulated online, the ‘Booty’ spitter lifts the weapon while making his way out of the room in self defense as alleged rival gang members are throwing objects at him.

AceShowbizBlac Youngsta pulled out a gun during a tense situation at his recent concert. The rapper flashed the weapon onstage during a club performance at Exquis in North Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday, February 20 as the crowd went violent.

In a video which has been circulating online, the Memphis-born star tried to deescalate the situation by addressing a group of people on the side of the stage. “I don’t know y’all bruh,” he can heard saying in the video. “I don’t have no problems with y’all, bruh. But we strapped, we with whatever y’all with, bruh … We don’t give no f**k, bruh. Let me do my show, I’ma come outside, we gon’ deal with that. I’ma do my show, we gon’ come out an deal with y’all.”

Blac then attempted to continue the show for paying fans, but the situation got hostile as some people began to throw chairs at him. It has been speculated that the tension was gang related and that those who opposed the rapper were members of rival gang, the Charleston Crips.

As the tension got escalated, the “Hip Hopper” spitter was quietly handed a gun by one of his crew members. The gun appeared to have an extended clip attached. He then flashed the weapon as he and his crew pushed through people to make their exit to what looked like a dressing room while items were still being thrown at them.

Blac apparently managed to leave the room unscathed as he later greeted his fans via Instagram Live. He, however, did not talk about the Thursday incident in the live video.

In a gun-related incident, Blac was charged with six counts of discharging a weapon into an occupied dwelling or moving vehicle and felony conspiracy in May 2017 in relation to a shooting involving fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph. The “Booty” rapper and his associates were alleged to have fired over 100 rounds into Young Dolph’s SUV. The charges were later dropped in May 2019.

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