Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make surprise revelation about son Archie’s birth

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have addressed the decisions they made surrounding the birth of their firstborn child, Archie.

Speaking in episode four of their Netflix docuseries, the couple said they had disagreed with the Palace over where to do their post-birth photocall with their newborn.

WATCH: Harry and Meghan make surprise revelation about son Archie’s birth


Traditionally, royal babies are first revealed on the steps of the hospital – something Princess Kate has done with all three of her children outside the Lindo wing.

But Harry and Meghan instead decided to present their son to the world inside the walls of Windsor Castle, inviting members of the press to capture the moment.

Meghan and Harry introduced Archie to the world from inside Windsor Castle

Meghan said: “There was already the pressure of the picture with Archie on the steps. Are they going to do that or are they not? But I had been really worried going into that labour because I am older and I didn’t know if I would have to have a C-section.”

She continued: “I had a very long-standing relationship with my doctor and that is who I trusted with my pregnancy. And they said, ‘Right, but she is at Portland Hospital and the steps are at this hospital (the Lindo Wing)’. And I said, ‘OK, we could do a photocall in front of Portland Hospital’.

Princess Kate on the steps of the Lindo wing with newbron Prince George

“They said: ‘It is impossible. We couldn’t barricade the streets off and it would create a threat for the emergency room entrance because that is where you would have to do this picture.’

Meghan said she asked what the “hybrid” solution was and whether they could give the press more time at the castle, adding, “And everything internal was like, ‘Yes, yes, oh great, yes.’ At no point did someone go, ‘Absolutely not’.”

Meghan pictured during her pregnancy with Archie

Meghan welcomed son Archie on 6 May 2018, followed by daughter Lilibet on 4 June 2021.In the final episode of the series, Misan Harriman, a photographer and friend of Harry and Meghan, revealed the moment they revealed to him that Meghan was pregnant again.

“I just freak out. I freak out, because I know what they’ve been through to get to that place,” he said. “And they’re like: ‘It’s got to be you helping us tell the world that we have new life in our lives.’ “It felt that at least I could do something to use my imagery to almost protect them if I could,” Mr Harriman added.

The couple shared never-before-seen pregnancy photos

Harry said once they announced the pregnancy, two people sent him a newspaper front page from Valentine’s Day 1984 which featured his mother announcing she was pregnant with Harry.

Harry and Meghan’s announcement was made on the same date in 2021.”I was shocked,” Harry said. “We had no idea. It was just a coincidence, or maybe not a coincidence.”

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