Pregnant Gemma Atkinson sparks health concerns over ‘breathlessness’

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Gemma Atkinson shares update as she prepares to give birth

Gemma Atkinson was left terrified when she gave birth for the first time in July 2019, as severe complications led to her haemorrhaging, and concerned doctors were forced to perform an emergency C-section. The experience was so traumatic that the 38-year-old initially vowed never to give birth again, so when fans noticed that she seemed to be “breathless” during her Instagram videos while pregnant with baby number two, they spoke up.

One fan urged Gemma to have her iron levels checked, only for the star to hit back and reassure her that breathlessness was “common” in pregnancy.

The message from a concerned fan read: “Have u had your iron levels checked missus u sound a bit breathless, that can be a sign of low iron in pregnancy [ask] your midwife to run some bloods for u x (sic).”

Gemma, who revealed last month that she was expecting her first baby boy with Strictly Come Dancing pro Gorka Marquez, sparked alarm due to the level of trauma she’d endured the first time around.

The presenter replied: “I’ve been asked this a lot. Thanks for concern”, but then added: “My bloods are checked regularly as is my [blood pressure].

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“Both before and during pregnancy (because I find it amazing how our bodies work) my results are spot-on and luckily have been for years,” she continued.

“In fact, [at] my last blood pressure check a week ago I was told ‘Gosh you are as chilled as you look’…”

She then added that the tell-tale signs everyone had been so concerned about were actually “common”.

“Breathlessness is common in pregnancy due to everything shifting and moving about to make room,” she wrote.

“I’m across my health and in very good hands with my midwife too.”

Gemma originally shared her baby news just weeks earlier, confessing on Instagram that it was now “impossible” to hide her growing bump.

“I’ve officially ‘popped’,” she joked, before revealing: “Our baby boy will be joining our family later this year!”

Gemma added: “[Daughter] Mia is absolutely thrilled, although we may need to do some negotiating on names, as so far she’s adamant he’s going to be called Barbie.”

The star, who originally met partner Gorka Marquez on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017 and welcomed Mia two years later, had at first been uncertain whether she’d take the plunge and have a second child.

Her much-loved daughter had been “tiny”, weighing just 4lb10, leaving the midwife concerned that she would be too weak to get Gemma’s cervix to open.

Sure enough, 24 hours after Gemma’s waters broke, her baby had still not arrived, leading to a chain of events which the former Hollyoaks star says resulted in herself and her baby almost dying.

Little Mia didn’t respond well to being induced, and with every contraction that Gemma had, her heart rate dropped lower.

The midwife pressed the panic alarm and an emergency C-section was administered, leaving a frantic Gemma to focus on her “breathing technique” in a bid to remain calm.

After delivery, her joy didn’t last long as she recalled on Instagram: “Two hours later I was alone with Gorks and Mia blissfully happy in a ward when I suddenly felt extremely unwell… I was haemorrhaging.

“I don’t remember much other than having around nine doctors in the room, some injecting me, hooking me to drips, physically pulling clots out of me and one comforting Gorks who was beside himself in the corner.”

Fortunately, Gemma survived, as did Mia – and they are now looking forward to welcoming the latest addition to their family.

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