Piers Morgan’s Twitter nightmare as account is hacked and shares X-rated Queen comment

Twitter users were left shocked in the early hours of Tuesday 27 December morning when Piers Morgan’s account began sending out strange messages on the social media platform.

The Twitter account of the 57 year old began sending out insulting messages aimed at public figures, including the late Queen, Ed Sheeran and Boris Johnson.

A group who called themselves the ‘Chuckling Squad’ is said to have taken over the presenter’s account, putting their name in Pier’s bio and changing his name on the the platform to ‘lol’ and also ‘Michael’ while the account fired out tweets filled with swear words and insults.

One tweet sent from the account read: “f*** the queen.”

And another branded pop singer Ed Sheehan a "ginger p***k" – and later went further by branding the singer a "ginger f***er".

Meanwhile, the hackers also hit out at former PM Boris Johnson, demanding he get a haircut and branding him an "ugly bum".

As the hack continued, some fans interacted with the account – with one demanding the apparent hackers leak Piers's DMs.

However, the hackers responded, claiming there was "nothing interesting" within the former Good Morning Britain host's private messages.

Followers quickly reacted to the rude remarks, with many petitioning Twitter to highlight that Piers’ account had clearly been hacked.

After an hour of chaos, it seems Twitter bosses were able to take back the account, with the offending tweets being deleted and Piers’ name changed back to his own on his page.

Twitter users who think they’ve been hacked are at first prompted to complete a password reset, which hopefully will lock the hackers out of the account. Failing that, they are then asked to contact Twitter directly for further support in gaining back access to their account.

It comes after Piers recently hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary series, saying that he was "traumatised" after being featured in the doc.

The broadcaster, who has infamously voiced his opinions on the couple since Meghan came to the royal fold in 2017, took to Twitter to slam them for using his voice in a trailer for the series, which was released earlier this month.

The former GMB presenter could be heard speaking over a clip of Harry and Meghan walking together, gushing: "She's becoming a royal rockstar," before another clip of Meghan came up with a member of the public declaring: "Meghan, we love you."

Then, Harry and Meghan say it "all changed", and the clip takes a totally different direction towards the negative.

Piers tweeted: "BREAKING: Princess Pinocchio & Prince Hypocrite use my voice to flog their ghastly new series. I’m traumatised by this exploitation."

The Piers Morgan: Uncensored star went on to slam the couple in a series of tweets relating to various parts of their trailer, as he branded Prince Harry "deluded" and a "brat".


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