Piers Morgan slammed by furious parents for scaring their kids on live radio

Piers Morgan has been slated by angry parents for talking graphically about grisly stabbing and sibling murder live on radio during the school run.

The Good Morning Britain host joined Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston on Heart Radio to discuss his new show, Psychopath With Piers Morgan – but talk quickly got too graphic for mums and dads listening in their cars.

Tonight's episode sees Piers meeting 25-year-old murderer Paris Bennett, who was jailed for life for the brutal killing of his half-sister Ella when he was just 13.

Evil Paris had coldly plotted the torture and murder of four-year-old Ella to punish his mum for paying her more attention, and his sick crime sent shockwaves across America.

The details of the murder are gut-wrenching, as Paris calmly walked into his sister's room and throttled her as she slept, before beating and stabbing her 17 times to ensure she would die.

Piers documented some of the most shocking moments of the minutes-long murder shortly after 8am this morning, right when parents were taking their kids to school.

Furious mums and dads took to Twitter to blast Heart for airing the disgusting details.

"And do you really think that was an appropriate conversation to have at 8:15 in the morning on what I thought was meant to be a child friendly show? WTAF?" one angrily tweeted at the show.

"FAMILY show??? Strangling, murdering, stabbing. Hmmmm. Thanks @thisisheart now I have a scared 7 year old in the car," wrote another.

A third blasted: "Remembering @piersmorgan is on the radio during the SCHOOL run. Please stop talking about “killing siblings” #familyshow ."

Another said: "Not really the most appropriate conversation when kids are having breakfast before school about a13yr old killing his 4 yr old sister."

And a fifth wrote: "Pretty sure this isn’t what kids want to be listening to on @thisisheart in the morning on the school run?! @piersmorgan talking about his show and talking about the murders they committed #stupid ."

Tonight's episode sees Piers meet Paris in his high-security Texas prison. He's not allowed to touch the killer, as Bennett is still considered too dangerous to be in the same room as an interviewer.

The murderer tells Piers that he deliberately set out to hurt his mother in the worst way possible: by depriving her of both her children.

“For many years, there was just this hot, flaming ball of wrath in the pit of my stomach and it was directed at my mother," he tells the GMB presenter from behind thick reinforced glass, surrounded by armed guards.

"And one of the reasons why I chose to kill my sister and not someone else is because I knew by doing that I could hurt my mother in the worst possible way, because I had always known, as a child, that the most devastating thing to my mother would be the loss of one of her children, and I found a way to take away both her ­children in one fell swoop.

"It wasn't like I was crafting a plan to rob a bank, where I knew at this time I would do this. A deeper darker part of me knew what I was going to do.

"Once I had started it was too late, I couldn't stop. I had to see it through to the end."

*Psychopath With Piers Morgan airs tonight at 9pm on ITV

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