Peter Andre admits ‘cool dude’ son Junior has shunned his iconic ’90s clothes

Peter Andre has admitted his "cool dude" son Junior has shunned the opportunity to sport his heyday outfits.

Writing in his weekly new! column, singer Pete opened up about passing his fashion onto his son after the 16 year old donned a purple suit reminiscent of one his father wore in the '90s. Here, he also discusses his "mixed feelings" at Covid restrictions being lifted and his joy at booking flights to Australia to see his elderly parents. Sign up – for free! – to see what he has to say.

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Like Father, Like Son

Junior had a great time at Millie Bobby Brown’s 18th birthday party last week.

When I posted a picture of him on my Instagram in a cool purple suit many said that it was reminiscent of my purple suit back in the '90s.

He has good taste, what can I say? Ha. He’s such a cool dude. It’s funny how fashion comes back around.

I’ve actually kept a lot of the clothes from back in my heyday to pass on to him. He doesn’t want them at the moment, but you never know.

Heading Down Under

After not seeing my elderly parents for two years, I’ve finally booked my flights to Australia!

Hopefully I’m jetting off soon, although as this stage, it’s just going to be me on this trip, in the summer, when the kids are on holiday, we’re going to go out there as a family.

I didn’t want to wait until the summer to see Mum and Dad, because Mum’s health is not great and the earlier I can get there, the better.

The hard thing during the pandemic was that I was really aware of my parents’ age; my mum is 86 and my dad is 89, and two years is a long time.

I was so scared like many were of how long the restrictions were going to last. I plan to go out there as many times as possible in the coming years. I just want to be with them.

The Masked Singer

The lifting of Covid restrictions has left me with mixed feelings. Being the first country in the world to do this is a huge achievement, and our vaccine rollout has been a great success, so I think we are in a good position to start living with Covid.

But I’m still going to wear my mask in busy places, like on planes or trains or in supermarkets. I think apart from obvious reasons, it’s also courteous.

I don’t want to be coughing right next to an elderly person. The pandemic has made me very aware of germs and bugs in general.

In my opinion, if you’re sick – whether that’s with Covid or a cold or the flu – you should stay at home until you are better.


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A Bumpy Landing

We were away skiing when Storm Eunice hit, but when we arrived home the next day it was still really windy which made for such a scary landing.

There were people gasping and I heard a few shrieks, and when we touched down everyone started clapping and cheering.

When we got home, we found our solid iron gates were warped and some trees on our road had come down.

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But we had a lucky escape compared to some. We so feel for the people affected by this and those whose homes have been devastated by this.

We definitely felt lucky we had minimal damage. On the morning of the storm I read people were playing it down and saying there wasn’t a ‘real storm’ and then all of a sudden it arrived and it was crazy.

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