Pauley Perrette Was Hospitalized For an Allergic Reaction to the Black Dye Used on 'NCIS'

NCIS has been around since 2003, and it has spawned multiple spin-offs. One of the original actors was Pauley Perrette, and she stuck around for most of the series. She had plenty of good and bad experiences while filming the set of the show. 

Perrette has discussed her hair and makeup routine for her iconic role. For example, she had to change her hair color to black constantly. However, the dye that she used ended up giving her a terrible reaction. 

The reason Pauley Perrette left ‘NCIS’

Perrette was on NCIS from the very beginning, and her character was forensic scientist Abby Sciuto. Fans loved the actor’s portrayal of Abby and were sad to see the character resign from her job. The reason Abby quit was that Perrette decided to leave the series. 

In 2017, Perrette made a tweet telling fans she would no longer be in the show after season 15. Some people likely were wondering what led to her decision. Reports suggest that the star had a falling out with one of her cast members. 

On social media, Perrette made a vague post about the truth behind her departure. She claimed that “he did it,” and followers thought she meant Mark Harmon. After all, she did not feel safe on set after Harmon’s dog bit a crew member badly. 

Harmon continued to bring his pet, and Perrett reportedly became angry and called him out. The two actors agreed not to film together anymore, and she later tweeted that he scared her. Nevertheless, Perrette enjoyed her time on the show even though a physical change gave her issues. 

Black hair dye gave Pauley Perrette an allergic reaction

A feature of Abby’s iconic look is her black hair, but Perrette is naturally a blonde. She needed to dye her hair since it was a requirement for the character, and she kept it up for 10 years. The actor also loved her role and her fans, so she felt determined to maintain Abby’s image. 

However, Perrette’s use of hair dye resulted in health issues. According to CBS, she had to go to the emergency room due to an allergic reaction. Perrette posted a photo of her face that experienced severe swelling. She described how one side became double the size of her head. 

Perrette also warned her fans about potential hair dye allergies and the warning signs. A couple of the symptoms include itchiness the next day and redness on the scalp. Despite the hospital visit, Perrette remained determined to keep her hair black. BuzzFeed reports that Perrette said she would either stick to natural dyes or a wig. However, she did not specify which one she picked.

What did Pauley Perrette get up to after ‘NCIS’?

Perrette has not done much acting after she departed from NCIS. She returned to the world of television a year later to star in Broke. Perrette had the role of a single mother named Jackie, who takes in her estranged sister and brother-in-law. 

The comedy only lasted for a season before the network canceled it. Afterward, Perrette announced she officially retired from acting. She decided to go back to school and pursue a major in sociology instead. 

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