Paul McCartney Discovers New 'Great Band' With Goofy IG Filters

Paul McCartney is filtering out bad vibes in 2022, and ushering in wacky fun … and he’s doing it with the help of a new group he’s discovered that may rival his old ensemble.

This Beatle is ringing in the new year by introducing the masses to a band he says he stumbled upon at his NYE bash … which goes by the name of Linstrom. They’re a heavy metal folk music act, consisting of 4 artists with very different faces … and a boozy manager.

As you can probably tell — they’re all PMC, who seems to have discovered Instagram’s many facial filters … and is going to town with them.

Check it out … Paul trots out his made-up band members, including Olga (apparently the frontwoman), an angelic anonymous keyboardist, Trinket the bass player, Mac the boorish boar-ish drummer and one final guy who says he handles the business end of things.

He’s obviously having a grand old time with the goofy in-app feature … almost like he’s a freakin’ kid again.

In real music news, Paul had himself quite a year … and was eager to recap it on Friday. He put out an album, a couple books and was featured in a couple big documentaries — plus other stuff, too.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Macca!

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