Patrick Mahomes Reveals the Best Christmas Gift He Ever Got

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his partner Brittany Matthews welcomed their first child, Sterling Skye, on Feb. 20, 2021, and are now getting ready to celebrate Christmas as a family of three.

The NFL star recently spoke about what the holiday will be like this year now that he has a daughter, plus he shares the best present he got when he was a kid.

This Christmas will be extra special for the quarterback and his family

Mahomes joined The Drive on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City for his weekly radio spot and talked about just how special this Christmas is going to be with Sterling.

“I’m super excited,” the Chiefs signal-caller said, adding, “Santa will be coming to the house. There’s going to be presents everywhere. It’ll be me, Brittany, and Sterling. I’m excited to have the first Christmas with the family, the little one, It’ll be a special moment.” 

Sterling actually got to open one Christmas gift early this year, and Matthews captured the moment on her Instagram Stories. Mahomes’ fiancée posted the clip of their daughter wearing a Christmas-themed onesie and trying to open a present before she gets a little help from her mom.

“Someone got an early Christmas present today. And that’s her help me mama cry,” Matthews shared. The next slide shows Sterling playing with her new cups, which prompted Matthews to write: “I think she loves it 🤣 Stackable cups have been her fav.” 

The best Christmas gift Mahomes got when he was a kid

Speaking of gifts, the radio hosts asked the athlete to name his favorite present that he really wanted when he was a child.

“My gift was a basketball goal. Santa ended up bringing it to me eventually,” Mahomes recalled. “I used that thing literally my entire life until I broke it. It was an awesome gift [to get] and something I wanted for years … me and my buddy were at the house playing and we were practicing half-court shots and I threw the basketball and it hit the backboard, and it broke the backboard. I think we got it replaced but it took a long time.” 

Mahomes chooses whether Spider-Man or Batman would win in a fight

With the release of the latest Spider-Man No Way Home movie, The Drive hosts also asked Mahomes to weigh in on the debate of who would win in a fight between Marvel’s Spider-Man and DC’s Batman.

The quarterback stated that he’s a big Marvel fan: “I’ve watched them all for the most part, I haven’t watched Spider-Man yet, but I’ve watched every single one of them. I didn’t watch all of them until Endgame, and then watched some of the new ones as well. I’m a big Marvel guy, for sure.” 

So who does he think would win in a fight?

“I’m going to say Spider-Man because he has real superpowers,” Mahomes opined. “Batman is just all different gear and stuff … But it would be a good fight for sure.”

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