Niki & Gabi DeMartino Turn a Traffic Jam Into a Photo Shoot!

Niki and Gabi DeMartino turned a traffic jam into an awesome opportunity!

The 24-year-old twin YouTubers were on the way to film a video at their local mall when they got stuck in standstill traffic.

The duo quickly got the idea to jump out of the car and take photos but it turned into something even better!

“SO… @niki & i got stuck in stand still traffic on our way to film a niki and gabi video and the mall closes early because it’s Sunday. suddenly, subscribers in cars next to us started noticing us!!” Gabi wrote on her Instagram.

She added, “it turned into a little highway meet and greet until we got the genius idea to do an impromptu LIVE PERFORMANCE of RU on the highway!! stay tuned for the next niki and gabi video…??✔️??”

We can’t wait to see their highway performance!

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