Nik Richie Bets on Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy to Become Next President

  • Nik Richie Bets Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Will Be Next President

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    Trust your intuition. Nik Richie placed a wager on Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy to become the next President of the United States of America in 2024.

    “People might think I’m crazy, but I honestly believe this is possible. You just never know,” Richie, 42, told Us Weekly. “I truly think Portnoy is an honest man and could lead our country.”

    If the CEO of CelebMagazine.com played his cards right, he’ll see a 1 million dollar return from his $7500 bet.

    “It’s pocket change,” he said.

    Barstool Sports fans have long referred to Portnoy as “Mr. President.” On March 1, the internet personality, 43, formally announced his run for office on Twitter.

    “Fine. I am officially announcing I am running for President of the United States. However if I don’t jump the other 0% guy in the next polls I’m withdrawing,” the blogger wrote after he saw a tweet proclaiming his chances of taking office were zero.

    “I don’t know what this poll is but I don’t like being 0% at anything. I need to either pick it up or get taken off. This is embarrassing to the brand,” he wrote.

    Fans were quick to share their support for the pizza joint reviewer.

    “PORTNOY 2024!!!” one Twitter user wrote. “I’ll vote for you bro,” another added.

    In 2013, Portnoy launched an unsuccessful bid to become Mayor of Boston. Still, his fanbase and reach has grown since. In May 2020, Elon Musk urged the Massachusetts native to run.

    “Please run for office. The politicians & unelected bureaucrats who stole our liberty should be tarred, feathered & thrown out of town!” the Tesla founder wrote via Twitter after Portnoy issued an “emergency press conference” video about the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Though Richie has never spoken to or met Portnoy, he considers himself a good judge of character.

    “He has all the leadership skills required to be a great President,” the New Jersey native told Us. “We need someone in the White House who will unite us, Portnoy can do the job!”

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