Nicola Adams’ pregnant girlfriend Ella Baig cradles bump on red carpet at Prince’s Trust Awards

Nicola Adams’ girlfriend showed off her growing baby bump as the couple walked the red carpet together on Tuesday.

The former professional boxer, 39, announced in February that she was expecting a child with 24 year old model Ella Baig.

Last month, the couple, who have been together for four years, revealed their child was a baby boy.

The couple looked stunning as they walked the red carpet at The Prince’s Trust Awards in London on Tuesday 24 May.

Nicola, who competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2020, wore a white blazer with a unique print on, thrown over a black shirt. She paired the ensemble with a blue chain choker and classy white brogues.

Her partner Ella looked incredible in a long red dress with matching lipstick.

She wore her short blonde hair in loose waves as she proudly held her baby bump.

The pair have been attempting to get pregnant through IVF since 2019 and were successful on their fourth round.

Sadly, Ella has received cruel messages from trolls saying their baby is not their ‘real’ child because it is ‘biologically impossible’.

She hit back at the harsh comments on social media, which she said are one of the reasons why there are misconceptions about IVF.

She wrote: “See lots of comments about how this isn't 'our' child because that's 'biologically' impossible and we're not the parents… we all know that we couldn't have done this without medical intervention, trust me I know.

“But it makes me think this is why there's such an issue surrounding IVF and fertility because people are so cruel. Just because a child isn't biologically yours and wasn't created 'naturally' that doesn't mean it's not your child!

"Why can't people just be happy knowing the child will be loved and was wanted."

The pair appeared on ITV’s Loose Woman in April to discuss their challenging journey to become parents.

Ella said: "Well it’s been a few years. Yeah, so we went through three IVF cycles. We had one failed attempt, one miscarriage and then a baby.

"I’m in the second trimester now, so past the hard bit. Unfortunately I had very, very bad morning sickness."

Nicola added that it was hard watching her love struggle with morning sickness, which was triggered by ‘funny smells’

The hosts asked if Nicola was worried that something could go wrong after the previous miscarriage.

She explained: "I was really worried. I kept asking her ‘Are you sure you want to try again? It might be too soon.

“So I was really worried in the first trimester, but luckily everything’s turned out fine."

Nicola retired from boxing in November 2019 after suffering from a torn pupil in a match against Maria Salinas.

She was advised by doctors that continuing to fight could lead to permanent vision loss and irreparable damage to the eye. Now she can focus on being the best mother to her baby boy.

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