Nick Mason Recalls Meeting Pink Floyd Co-Founders For The First Time

Pink Floyd co-founder Nick Mason has revealed details about his first meeting with Roger Waters and Richard Wright, two other co-founders of the legendary band.

Mason reminisced about the meeting during an interview with Brian Johnson on the AC/DC singer’s AXS TV show, “Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road,” which aired on October 20.

“We sort of met because Roger knew I had a car… when he asked whether I might lend it to him, I said no,” Mason said. “He also tried to get a cigarette off Rick, and famously Rick went ‘no,’ which sort of set the pattern for the next 50 years.”

“It was an important moment,” he continued, “because if it hadn’t been for that, we might not be sitting here now.”

Johnson’s “A Life On The Road” airs every Sunday on AXS TV. Next week, Brian sits down with Grammy-winner Billy Joel.

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