Nick Knowles: DIY SOS host divides as he suggests celebs GIVE UP Euro 2020 final tickets

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DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles, 58, has taken to Twitter to urge his fellow celebrities to give up their tickets to the final of Euro 2020 game and give them to people who actually “deserve it”. His plea comes after England defeated Denmark 2-1 in the semi-finals at Wembley last night and are now set to appear in the final against Italy on Sunday evening.

Someone who doesn’t have connections, someone who can’t afford it – just a thought

Nick Knowles

In view of his 158,200 followers today, the BBC presenter suggested that celebrities who managed to “get hold” of tickets to the coveted Euro 2020 final game may want to rethink attending the match.

He wrote: “Maybe celebrities who have got hold of tickets to the Euro final might consider gifting it to someone who genuinely deserved it.

“Someone who doesn’t have connections, someone who can’t afford it – just a thought,”(sic) he wrote.

His suggestion caused a stir amongst his fans who were divided over the idea.

Presuming that the star hasn’t managed to get hold of tickets to the final, one social media user took issue with Nick’s tweet.

They wrote: “Why don’t they deserve them, just because they are famous they don’t genuinely deserve them… really???

“Is @MrNickKnowles upset that he hasn’t got the connections to get tickets?” they queried.

Another agreed, adding that famous faces deserved to attend the match just as much as everyone else.

They commented: “But equally if they are passionate about football they shouldn’t be made to feel guilty and just because they are famous does not mean they don’t deserve it, everyone has their struggles.”

However, the majority of Nick’s following agreed with his suggestion.

“Well said Nick!” one wrote.

“Fair enough the ones who have actually paid for them and sat in the stands with the real fans, but those who get the freebies to sit in the Royal box – those that could afford to buy loyal fans a couple of tickets.”

Another agreed with the TV star and suggested that the same should happen for Wimbledon.

“Same with the tennis – perhaps Nurses Drs, paramedics, police etc wouldn’t mind a free ticket!” they penned.

Ahead of the semi-finals yesterday, the property expert was asked for game predictions by a social media user.

However, Nick revealed that he couldn’t speculate as to the result of the England vs Denmark match due to “nerves”.

He replied: “I can’t – I’m paralysed with nerves! I can’t even enjoy it.”

England are set to play Italy in the final of the Euro 2020 championship.

The match will take place at Wembley Stadium and will kick off at 8pm on Sunday night.

It will be available to watch on both BBC and ITV.

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