‘Nearly s**t himself’ Gary Lineker terrifies son after name plastered over headlines

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Gary Lineker, 60, has shared a funny encounter he had with his son yesterday on Twitter. The Match of the Day star sent his son, Harry Lineker, a headline with his name on it, causing him to “s**t himself”.

I know, it’s a family tradition.

Gary Lineker

In view of his 8.2 million followers, Gary posted a picture of the Sun’s back page today.

The headline reads “HARRY LINEKER” over the back page.

To give context, Gary captioned the post: “Sent this pic to my boys’ group chat and my son Harry saw the headline and, for a few seconds, absolutely s**t himself.

“I know, it’s a family tradition.”

When speaking of “family tradition” Gary is referring to England’s World Cup opener match in 1990.

Gary was ill on the morning of the opener against the Republic of Ireland, but made sure he still played.

He suffered cramps throughout the match, losing control when he tried to stretch for the ball.

Speaking on the Match of the Day podcast, Gary said: “I go, ‘I’ve s*** myself’.

“I just didn’t know what to do. Thank god I had dark blue shorts on that day.

“I’m shovelling it out and rubbing myself on the grass like a dog.”

The Sun headline comes after Harry Kane achieved a record breaking evening for England last night, scoring four goals in the first half, against San Marino.

This added Harry to scoring 48 goals for the Three Lions, moving him to joint third with Gary on the all time scoring list.

Gary also sent another tweet, tipping the footballer to quickly surpass his tally.

He wrote: “Hello @HKane, welcome to the 48 goal club.

“I suspect your membership will expire within minutes, but it’s been a pleasure to have you alongside.”

Fans were quick to comment on what they thought of Harry joining Gary on the list.

Mernko said: “You were good. Kane is better. Numbers don’t lie?”

JB_CFFire added: “I’m sure it will too, a sensational goalscorer and more!

“And some still complain!”

Conor_beales commented: “Your tally took a degree of effort against real opposition.

“This is just egregious stat-padding at this point.”

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