‘My 600 Lb Life’ Star Schenee Murry’s New Video Has Fans Thinking She Will Die Soon

In the video the reality TV star posts on her YouTube channel, she encourages her devotees not to take their life ‘for granted’ following the death of her grandmother.

AceShowbizSchenee Murry has once again sparked concern with her latest video, but this one has gotten her fans even more worried about her well-being. In the video that the “My 600 Lb Life” star uploaded on YouTube video, she encouraged her devotees not to take their life “for granted” after she learned of her grandmother’s death.

The video was taken in her hospital room, featuring Murry saying, “I put that [title] up there because y’all never know when, or where, or how. I never want y’all take life for granted. I want y’all to love y’all loved ones no matter what they did to you. Always say you love ’em; never say goodbye; always say good night. …I just want y’all to keep me and my family in your prayers.”

Murry also gave an update on her own health in the video, mentioning that she had been “having problems” with her “anxiety” and “breathing,” as well as the sickle cell anemia that she said she was diagnosed with earlier this year.

But given that the video was shot in a hospital, a lot of fans thought Murry is the one who takes her life for granted. They also speculated that she would meet her end soon if she doesn’t even plan to change her lifestyle. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you don’t take your health seriously you will be joining her soon,” said one person. Another urged her, “Come on shenee ur doing this to urself..sorry but im keeping it real…get ova urself or ur not gonna be around long.”

One other person told her to keep trying her best as saying, “Mrs. Lady don’t you be on here trying to do a goodbye speech. Cry, scream or yell but you hang in there. Ask Jesus for whatever you need and he will make it happen as long as you do it in faith.”

Murry appeared in season 6 of “My 600 Lb Life”. The star was never approved for weight loss surgery because she refused to follow the diet and exercise plan Dr. Now gave to her. She and her husband were even caught red-handed ordering pizza and burgers to her hospital room, much to the ire of Dr. Now. Since then, she has been posting videos from hospitals due to her health. She once claimed to have lost weight, but any progress is difficult to discern.

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