‘More control than Jeremy!’ Kaleb Cooper’s fans on clip of star’s baby son with tractor

Kaleb Cooper says tractor problem is ‘getting costly’

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Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper posted an adorable clip of his baby son playing with a toy tractor while reflecting on his own childhood. The TV star, 22, filmed the tot pushing around a tiny green tractor, leading one of his followers to quip that the one-year-old had better “control” over the toy vehicle than Kaleb’s co-star Jeremy Clarkson does over the real thing following his crash on Diddly Squat Farm.

Has to be said, he actually handles a tractor better than Jeremy

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In view of his one million followers, the star reflected on his own time playing with toy tractors when he was younger.

Kaleb captioned the post: “How it all started with me.”

In the adorable video, Oscar could be seen sitting on the floor while pushing a green tractor around.

“What you got Os?” Kaleb could be heard asking the tot as he played with the mini tractor.

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“Just how I started,” he affectionately added before ending the video.

After posting the sweet clip, Kaleb’s followers took to the comments to weigh in on the moment.

Instagram user 3rdgensarah wrote: “He will be out ploughing fields in no time!”

Skogsmaskinsforarn added: “Well crashing a tractor is going into the accident-book -thing,” followed by a laughing face.

Lisajayne5484 commented: “He wants a Lamborghini!”

Others couldn’t help but quip that the tot has better skills at driving the toy tractor than Kaleb’s Clarkson’s Farm co-star, Jeremy.

Rdbennett.60 jibed: “Got more control than Jeremy of a tractor.”

While Bubblecurls added: “Show Jeremy a thing or two already.”

“Has to be said, he actually handles a tractor better than Jeremy,” andy.wilman wrote.

The comments come after Jeremy revealed he crashed his Lamborghini tractor on Diddly Squat Farm last year, which led to him seeking assistance from farmhand Kaleb.

Jeremy detailed all in his column, as the Grand Tour star admitted he crashed someone else’s tractor.

The farmer revealed he drove the £20,000 machine into a “lone telegraph pole in a 52-acre field”.

He wrote: “I saw the pole coming from way back. And I watched it grow larger in the windscreen. And then I hit it.

“Actually, that’s not strictly accurate. I didn’t hit it. Nor did the tractor. But a wing of the six-metre-wide disc the tractor was towing did, at 17kph. The damage was substantial.

“Not only to the pole which carries a 13,000-volt cable, by the way, but also to the disc. Two of the box section steel arms were pretty much snapped off.”

Jeremy said that the costly tractor did not belong to him adding, it “wasn’t mine”.

Kaleb eventually turned up to his farm to assist Jeremy after the crash.

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