Moose Goes Toe-to-Toe with Chill Dog in Alaska Encounter

Chilling in the yard with your dog is different, and dangerous, in Alaska — where an aggressive moose can show up and charge at man’s best friend!!!

Brody is the pooch in this video, and you can hear his owner was shocked to see the giant moose suddenly nose-to-nose with Brody … and frantically tried to back away. Make no mistake, the moose seemed pissed about something.

Check out the clip … the moose even charged at Brody, which only made the owner yell even harder for the dog to get the hell back. The owner’s repeatedly yelling at Brody to get inside.

Dogs in Alaska appear to be too brave for their own good, but Brody and his owner did manage to retreat inside their garage without catching a face full of moose.

Wild stuff.

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