Mischa Barton: Fired From The Hills For Being Too Boring!

Reality TV producers will put up with a lot from their stars.

They can bed drunk, disorderly, and of course, dramatic.

But the one thing they can’t be is boring.

And it seems former The Hills star Mischa Barton learned that lesson the hard way this week.

As you’re probably aware, a reboot of The Hills premiered on MTV last year with some major shake-ups in the cast.

Gone were the Lauren Conrads and Kristen Cavallaris who helped make the show famous.

And in there place was an unexpected newcomer.

In an inspired bit of stunt casting, Mischa Barton landed a role on The Hills: New Beginnings.

Mischa, of course, was one of the stars of the early-2000s high school drama The O.C.

That show inspired the MTV reality series Laguna Beach, which in turn inspired the popular spinoff The Hills.

In other words, casting Mischa on The Hills was like the reality TV version of Inception — a little confusing, but ultimately worthwhile.

Unfortunately, Mischa had no experience as a reality star, and apparently, it showed.

“Our sources say producers found Mischa’s story line a bit bland, and her personality a little boring,” says a new report frim TMZ.

“Bottom line, she wasn’t bringing much drama to the show.”

Yikes. Getting fired is bad enough, especially since Mischa was the only one who wasn’t invited back, and the rest of the cast signed lucrative $50,000 per episode contracts.

But imagine getting fired for being boring.

That’s gotta sting.

Adding further insult to injury is the fact that producers wasted no time in finding a replacement for Mischa.

TMZ reports that socialite Caroline D’Amore has been added to the cast.

Caroline is heir to the D’Amore’s Pizza fortune.

According to her social media profiles, she’s also a DJ and the CEO of PizzaGirl organic pasta sauce.

More importantly, however, Caroline is a longtime friend of Paris Hilton’s and a former friend of Kim Kardashian’s.

Producers are likely hoping that she has a lot of prime stories of early-2000s debauchery to share.

And they’re probably also hoping that the 35-year-old still has some partying left in her.

Whatever the case, she’s sure top bring a bit more to the table than Mischa — who, to be fair — didn’t do much to liven up the proceedings.

It’s a shame though.

Barton hasn’t done much acting since The O.C., and she probably use the cash.

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