Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Blending Lives With Husband Brendan McLoughlin & Her ‘Amazing’

Miranda Lambert is truly enjoying this next chapter of her life!

Barely five months into marriage with new husband Brendan McLoughlin, the 35-year-old country singer is opening up about her new role as a stepmother, and how the couple is navigating their new, blended life together.

The Pistol Annies front woman dished interesting details about her new normal to Extra, while attending her annual MuttNation March as part of the CMA Fest.

She candidly told the outlet:

“We have the best of both worlds.”

Miranda goes on to explain how the couple splits their time between New York — where the NYPD cop works and his seven-month-old son from a previous relationship currently lives — and Nashville, where Lambert permanently resides.

“We spend time in New York, we get to see our adorable nugget, then we get to come back to the farm and have the quiet life. I’m enjoying the balance.”

Even with all of the new changes to her day-to-day life, Blake Shelton‘s ex hasn’t forgotten her first love and responsibility as a self-described “crazy dog lady.”

Speaking of her fur babies, she said:

“I’m loving that whole phase, and I’ve raised a million dogs, so I feel like I’ve got that part of my womanly/motherly thing is full, so this is a whole new journey.”

But ultimately, she’s leaning into this special new role as a stepmother. She admitted:

“It’s great… My stepson is amazing.”

Awww. Sounds like the adjustment period is going smoothly for everyone!

The singer-songwriter adds that her 27-year-old husband actually welcomed her furry additions to their family with open arms. Explaining how he didn’t really have a choice otherwise, she added:

“ a great guy and, bless his heart, he didn’t have any dogs or any animals at all when he came into this relationship, so he inherited a whole barn full. I was like, ‘Hey, I got the dogs, you got the kid, we can mix and mingle.’”

And based on this adorable set of photos Miranda recently shared (above), it looks like the hunky hubby didn’t mind at all!

Considering how well things are going between these two, we wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to give Brendan’s newborn a sister or brother sometime soon.

In fact, shortly after their surprise, secret wedding was announced on Valentine’s Day, sources close to the Tin Man singer said her mind was already on creating a family of their own.

The insider dished (below):

“We’ve never, ever seen her so happy and think she’s finally found her one and only. Miranda and Brendan both want kids. never felt ready to have children until she met Brendan and now she’s excited to be a stepmom. She even says it’s great practice for when she has a baby.”

Ahh, how exciting! We’ll hold off on getting our baby bump watch started until we hear anything more definitive.

In the meantime, what do YOU guys think? Sound off on Miranda and Brendan’s relationship in the comments!

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