Miley Cyrus: Did She Really Cheat on Liam Hemsworth?

After only about eight months of marriage, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have split.

As you can imagine, rumors of infidelity and drug use have cropped up from competing, even contradictory sources.

But a new report says that the claims about Miley cheating or Liam being a druggie are all BS.

One report has claimed that Liam knew that an “open marriage” was “on the table” when they tied the knot last December.

“He knew what he was signing up for,” a source claimed recently. “But he refused to make it work,”

As for Miley, the insider alleged: “she felt betrayed.”

Another report said that Liam had issues with drinking and certain “substances.”

In that same report, additional sources claimed that it was a lie to distract from Miley’s alleged infidelity.

But Page Six reports that claims that Miley was rampantly cheating on Liam during their marriage are just a load of malarkey. 

“Miley was not unfaithful,” the insider affirms.

“And all these stories about her being wild and cheating is a bunch of bulls–t,” the source emphasizes.

“They split up,” the insider summarizes.

“She’s taking the high road,” the source characterizes. “Everyone is trying to.”

The insider points out: “They were together since she was 16. It’s hard.”

We know two things for sure: Miley and Liam split, and Miley has been having a lot of fun with Kaitlynn Carter.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of this famous couple’s separation has been filled with contradictory reports and sources.

For example, some reports says that Miley and Liam’s marriage has essentially been over for months, that we’re just now learning of it.

Others, particularly inside sources closer to Liam, report that this is still a very fresh and raw split.

And that was before the infidelity rumors.

We have to be honest — something about the infidelity rumors about Miley has been rubbing us the wrong way.

Maybe, maybe these rumors only cropped up because the news had hardly broken before she was seen gal pal-ing around with Kaitlynn.

But unfortunately, a lot of people who are pansexual (or bisexual, etc) are met with harmful stereotypes.

One such stereotype is that they are naturally promiscuous or incapable of remaining faithful to one partner.

That’s downright bigoted and also absurd — remember, this is a group that outnumbers all of the rest of us combined.

We hope that no one’s subconscious biases about pan folks causes them to believe things that are untrue.

Miley and Liam first met in 2008 while filming The Last Song together.

They quickly made the leap from castmates to lovers.

Several years later, they were engaged — but that didn’t mean a simple walk down the aisle.

In 2013, their engagement was called off. It was years before they got back together officially.

After a decade of on-again, off-again, Liam and Miley tied the knot in a private ceremony, surprising but delighting fans.

We don’t know what exactly brought about the end of their marriage.

But we have to assume that it was related to whatever caused all of their previous breakups.

Getting married doesn’t magically wash away whatever underlying issues two people may have.

We have no doubt that Miley and Liam loved each other — but love isn’t always enough.

Couples need to be compatible if they’re to stay together.

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