Meghan Markle ‘wants to be a Kardashian’ after royal Megxit, says model Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding predicts 'more lockdowns in September'

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Meghan Markle, 39, left the world speechless in January 2020 when it was announced she and Prince Harry, 36, were stepping down as senior working members of the Royal Family. Now, Page 3 icon Leilani Dowding has revealed she believes Meghan always had intentions of doing this.

I think she thought she was going to be like a Kardashian!

Leilani Dowding

Leilani, 41, has never shied away from sharing her true thoughts on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Former actress Meghan and Prince Harry signed a lucrative deal with streaming giant Netflix following their shock resignation, worth an estimated £76 million.

As part of their deal, Meghan and Harry aim to produce informative documentaries, films, and children’s television shows.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, former reality star Leilani believes this was always part of Meghan’s plan after being put on such an astronomical platform.

Leilani said: “I called it so long ago I was like ‘they’re going to end up in Los Angeles’.

“She didn’t want to go to like the biscuit factories or, you know, go to Cleethorpes and do all the duties that like a Duchess or Princess will have to do, she thought she was going to be out there speaking, getting her voice out there when actually no, you’ve got to listen to the people.”

The Bournemouth-born star continued: “That’s your job now, is to listen not to be spouting your mouth off and having an opinion, your job is to listen to the people and go and meet them and let them talk.

“I think she thought she was going to be like a Kardashian on the red carpet, wearing beautiful dresses and that was the life of a Princess or a Duchess.”

Leilani continued to explain: “I could absolutely see them in the rounds.

“I think that’s what they want, I’ve always said I think that that’s what they want to do.”

She added: “[I think] Meghan literally wants to be like a wannabe of the Kardashians, she wants the glamour, going out to the red carpet events, wearing the nice dresses.

“She doesn’t want to do the Royal thing, which is, you know, dignified and be of service to other people.”

The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star claims that the life of a working royal would have been a “shock” to Meghan who had previously experienced fame as an actress.

Meghan had played the role of the paralegal, Rachel Zane, on the US show, Suits, before meeting Prince Harry.

“I think she got a bit of a rude awakening when she saw what her duties will actually be and it was so obvious that she was going to try and get out of it,” Leilani explained.

She added: “As soon as she said she was going to LA, I just thought ‘Oh my God she really wants to be like a Kardashian!”

Leilani has previously dismissed Meghan’s claims that before marrying into The Firm, she hadn’t researched Harry’s famous family.

During a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan claimed that just moments before meeting the Queen, she was taught royal protocol and how to curtsy by Sarah, Duchess of York.

Speaking to Oprah, Meghan said: “Thank God I didn’t know a lot about the family, thank God I hadn’t researched – I would’ve been so in my head about it.”

Discussing royal protocol after being asked if she knew how to curtsy, Meghan added: “I thought genuinely that’s what happens outside, I thought that was part of the fanfare, but I didn’t think that’s what happened inside.

“And I said ‘but it’s your grandmother’, and he goes ‘it’s the Queen’.”

However, the model who now lives in Staffordshire with her fiancé, musician Billy Duffy, of The Cult has dismissed Meghan’s claim.

She said: “Absolutely not [true] in this day and age, everyone Googles everyone.”

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