Meet the Cast of Love Island USA<\/em> Season 3

It’s summer, which means heat waves, vacations and reality dating competitions. Finally, Love Island is back for a third season of singles looking for love… and a cash prize. Basically, a bunch of attractive people (called Islanders) are stuck on an island together. To win, contestants have to stay coupled up for the duration of the show. The catch? New Islanders are constantly introduced throughout the series, testing any bonds the existing contestants have already established.

Back in June, a short clip of the singles was posted to Twitter, where they gave a little info about themselves, and just how ready they are for love. The answer, of course, is very.

Before you tune in for the steamy drama and tense competition, meet the 12 cast members who’ll be pairing up on the island.

Olivia Kaiser, 28, Anchorage, Alaska

This business owner says she’s “responsible, yet wild.” We’ll see how that plays out in the show.

Kyra Lizama, 23, Honolulu, Hawaii

Lizama is a Covid-relief worker who revealed she’s been banned from a dating app. Which one? We’ll just have to watch to find out.

Josh Goldstein, 24, Haverhill, Massachusetts

This college athlete from Massachusetts swears he’s a nice guy. I don’t know, people aren’t always nice when there’s money on the line.

Cashay Proudfoot, 25, Brooklyn, New York

Proudfoot says she needs a guy who can dance. These fellas better know how to bust a move.

Javonny Vega, 26, Boca Ton, Florida

This real-estate investor is so big on astrology he got a tiger tattoo on his chest for his 21st birthday.

Trina Njoroge, 24, Hacienda Heights, California

This psychiatric nurse says she can spot the red flags from miles away. She won’t need to, since she’ll be up close and personal with the rest of the cast.

Will Moncada, 26, Colombia

The rules explicitly state no drugs, so hopefully budtender Will Moncada knows more than one way to stay calm in the competition.

Christian Longnecker, 24, Oahu, Hawaii

This coffee company owner says he’s ready to make real connections. But do the other contestants want romance or money more?

Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr., 25, Ashburn, Virginia

If anyone is here to win, it’s this delivery driver from Virginia. He wants to couple with someone who’s just as competitive as he is.

Shannon St. Clair, 25, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Shannon is all about the muscles. She says she wants to latch onto them “like a little koala.”

Korey Gandy, 28, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Korey says he’s ready to meet the girl of his dreams. There’s nothing more romantic than meeting the love of your life while you’re trapped on an island.

Jeremy Hershberg, 27, New York, New York

This self-described nerd is ready to get out of his shell. To win Love Island, he’ll have to really let his personality show.

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