Matt Roloff: Did He Just Confess to Cheating?

They say that the first step to any kind of recovery is to acknowledge that one has a problem.

If this is the case, then Matt Roloff may soon be cured.

Of what, you may be wondering? Good question…

Over the past several weeks, Matt’s reputation has taken somewhat of a hit.

The ongoing season of Little People, Big World has focused on his efforts to sell his family’s farm, which has become a challenging topic between Matt and ex-wife Amy.

The latter is far more hesitant about taking this major step in her professional and personal life — and she hasn’t liked the way Matt has been talking to her about it.

“Matt has a strong personality, and one that I’ve adapted over the years we were together,” Amy said on a recent episode of this TLC hit.

She said this in response to Matt alleging that Amy was holding him hostage with her indecision.

Just a few days ago, meanwhile, Amy came out for the first time and strongly hinted that Matt cheated on her with Caryn Chandler.

This was a startling admission.

Was it also an accurate one? Some social media users think Matt himself just confessed to his past actions.

Allow us to explain:

On May 29, Amy penned an Instagram post about how she would spent her “perfect day” with boyfriend Chris Marek.

For whatever reason, one follower responded to this post by slamming Matt as “dismissive” and “disgusting.”

What is interesting is that Amy Liked this remark — and so did Matt!

What does this mean? There’s no way of knowing for certain, of course.

Labeling himself as dismissive may just be an admission that he’s blown off some of Amy’s concerns when it comes to selling the farm.

But disgusting?!?

That does sound as if Matt could be confessing to having cheated on Amy toward the end of her marriage.

Right? How else should we interpret such a statement?

In a Facebook Live interview that just went very viral, Amy said the following, clearly referencing Chandler, who worked as the manager at Roloff Farms for year:

“We had someone that worked for us for a very long time, on our farm.

“And I believe – this is all from my perspective – that there was more than just friends going on. And I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well.”

Roloff also added her disagreement with how the show portrays her in the aftermath of her separation.

“I think that’s what hurt and unfortunately may have – through an edited show – caused me to be a little bitter, may have come across as me being a little more angry. I’ll be honest,” Roloff said.

“I’ll be frank, it was tough.”

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