Matt James and Heather Martin: Is This Proof They’re Dating?!?

Following Monday night’s Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose special, we know this much about Matt James:

He is not dating Rachael Kirkconnell.

The former athlete sat across from fill-in host Emmanuel Acho yesteda and explained that, after selecting Kirkconnell to maybe be his future wife, he learned about the suitor’s questionable history of racially-insensitive behavior.

As a result?

“Rachael might not understand what it means to be black in America,” James said, confirming he had split from his Season 25 winner and even refusing to embrace her toward the end of the aforementioned special.

It’s safe to say there’s no future for these two as a couple.

Because Rachael can’t relate to Matt? Yes, in part.

But also because Matt may have moved on… already!

A handful of astute observers have been studing social media activity out there and are convinced that James is dating Heather Martin.

Martin, of course, is a good friend of Hannah Brown’s and made a surprise appearance on this past season of The Bachelor.

ABC Entertainment Executive Rob Mills tried to claim at the time that Martin was insistent upon meeting Matt and the network simply couldn’t turn her down.

“She felt for sure this was her husband and basically did anything she could to get there and track him down,” Mills told cohost Julia Cunningham during the Tuesday, January 5 episode of “The Bachelor Recap” podcast.

James entertained the notion of keeping Martin around, but sent her home just a day after she touched down in Pennsylvania.

So… why are so many folks now convinced the two are getting it on?

Reason #1: Despite barely making a dent on Season 25, Martin quaratined for the Women Tell All special, only to be cut from the broadcast.

If you recall, Kelley Flanagan was randomly shown in the crowd during Peter Weber’s Women Tell All special — and then ended up dating that Bachelor lead for awhile.

Reason #2: Both Heather and Matt have recently tagged Instagram posts San Clemente, California, even though James lives in New York City.

This is a small town. Why would both reality stars be there at the same time? Unless they are there together.

Reason #3: Matt’s mother, Patty, was also spotted on Instagram of late, commenting in support of Heather’s clothing brand Titled Three.

“Love this and congratulations on making this happen. I love your #doitafraidmotto. So empowering,” she wrote of the apparel.

Is this all mere speculation? Yes, of course.

But Weber ended up dating THREE different women from his season.

This sort of thing has certainly happened before. 

And we know that James is single and ready to settle down; he’s just waiting for the right person.

As far as we can tell, Martin has never attended a plantation-themed party of any kind.

So she definitely has a shot here.

Stay tuned, folks.

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