Man Caught on Camera Stealing Baby Jesus from Fort Worth Nativity Scene

Nothing is holy in 2022 — not even a plastic baby Jesus around Christmas time … just ask cops in Fort Worth, who are looking for a Grinch-y thief.

FWPD posted surveillance footage of what they say is a crook making off with the centerpiece of a life-size nativity scene Saturday morning that was set up downtown — and sure enough, you can see the dude making a clean getaway with young JC himself!

The man casually strolls up to the outdoor exhibition around 2 AM, picks up the baby doll from its basket … and then saunters away like nothing even happened.

Unfortunately for him, his mug shows pretty clearly on camera … and the cops have a solid view of who they’re looking for. Fort Worth police say he was later seen jumping into a tan or silver Chevy Tahoe (or a Pathfinder, perhaps) — leading them to think he ain’t alone.

They’re asking the public for any help in identifying this fella, and go out of their way to call him a not-so-wise man. Tips can be sent to 817-392-3956, with Report# 2200325146.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!

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