Maino Retracts His Claims About Slave-Sex Fantasy Role-Play After Backlash: I’m Joking

During his appearance on ‘Lip Service’ podcast, the Brooklyn rapper shares that he has a fantasy of doing a role-play as a runaway slave during sex with white women.

AceShowbiz -Brooklyn rapper Maino caused controversy when he talked about his sex fantasy. During his appearance on “Lip Service” podcast, he said that he wanted to role-play as a runaway slave during sex with white women.

When Angela Yee asked if he’s a sex “freak,” Maino replied, “Possibly, yes.” He added, “I don’t think I do nothing out of the ordinary. … I did role-play before, but I like to role-play with white women.”

“It’s so wrong, I’ma tell you right now, I’ve never talked about this. I like to be, like, a runaway slave,” he shared. Shocked, Yee exclaimed, “Maino! Oh my god!”

While grinning, the rapper went on to say, “I like to play like a runaway slave, I like to play like a disobedient slave with a white woman. Bust most of them don’t wanna play like that. … Listen, you’re gonna act like you’re master’s wife, and I just got whooped by master for eyeballing you.”

“But the whole time, you been really, you know, you liked it, you been eyeballing me. … It’s some freaky s**t. See this where it goes deep, and this is where I’ll probably be canceled after this,” he said. “It’s not right, though! It’s all fantasy s**t. In a fantasy world, because of this…I’ve never, nobody’s ever did it. So the other fantasy is that they whipping me, and they calling me a n***a.”

After learning of his claims, people quickly slammed Maino. In response to the backlash, Maino appeared to backtrack his claims, saying that he was just joking.

“Y’all can’t take a joke? … You n***as ain’t got no sense of humor?” Maino said in a video shared by Jim Jones. “You don’t like to play around? Well I do!” When Jones asked if it was a “fantasy” or not, Maino insisted, “It never happened!”

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