Louise Minchin: BBC Breakfast host in bike accident as ‘rookie error’ leaves her red-faced

Louise Minchin announces she's leaving BBC Breakfast

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BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin took a tumble after forgetting to take her foot out of the cleat on her bike ride. The presenter shared a picture of herself on Twitter laying on the floor as she laughed to the camera.

Thankfully, the 52-year-old had a safety helmet on and remained unhurt.

In view of her 211,000 Twitter followers, she wrote: “Oh the indignity!

“I managed to fall off my bike at 0 miles an hour, forgot to take my foot out of the cleat.

“Rookie error that I haven’t done for years!”

Louise went on to joke that the only thing that was hurt was her pride.

She added: “Anyone else as silly?”

Many of Louise’s fans flocked to her post to comment.

One wrote: “Don’t worry Louise, I’ve done it many times before, it’s so embarrassing.”

“You still look lovely anyway,” a second added.

A third commented: “Bless you! You’re a good sport for sharing and so glad you didn’t injure yourself.”

In response to another, the presenter went on to reassure fans that her and her bike were OK.

The mother-of-two’s post comes after she discussed potentially signing up to Strictly Come Dancing.

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The host has always said she’s been on a “lifetime ban” to do the show, until recently.

During the latest episode of Her Spirit podcast, Louise’s BBC co-star Carol Kirkwood discussed her time on Strictly and went on to urge the former to sign up.

BBC Triathlon presenter Annie Emmerson added: “If you don’t want to do it, then that’s fine.

“But, if you’re not doing it because your family said you can’t, that’s not a good reason in my eyes.”

Louise replied: “What I’m more worried about is that the other day on [BBC] Breakfast, Dan [Walker] mentioned it and I said the line I’ve said for many years Carol, that, ‘I’m on a lifetime ban from my family’.

“And my husband texts me and he goes, ‘Ban lifted’.”

Annie went on to point out that she will soon have more time on her hands when she leaves BBC Breakfast after 20 years later this year.

The presenter announced her departure live on the show last month.

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