Lizzie Cundy's ex looks cosy with former step daughter

EXCLUSIVE – Revealed: Lizzie Cundy splits with nightclub boss Jeremy Gordeno, 53, after he strikes up ‘close friendship’ with his former lover’s 21-year-old daughter

Lizzy Cundy’s lover ended their relationship after developing a close friendship with his former fiancée’s 21-year-old daughter, MailOnline can reveal.

Jeremy Gordeno, 53, has been spending an increasing amount of time with mother-of-one Francesca Hodge, who is 32 years his junior.

Pictures have emerged of Francesca sitting on the millionaire nightclub boss’s lap in a bar, which have angered Francesca’s mother, Candice Hodge.

Lizzie Cundy’s on-off lover Jeremy Gordeno (right), 53, has struck up a close friendship with Francesca Hodge (left), the 21-year-old daughter of his former girlfriend, Candice Hodge

Gordeno was seeing Candice, 39, for two years before he began a relationship with former WAG Ms Cundy earlier this year.

Businessman Gordeno today announced the end of his 10-month relationship with 51-year-old Ms Cundy in a statement that said events outside of his control put our relationship under huge strain.

But today Candice told MailOnline that the real reason he ended the relationship was because she has struck up a closeness with Francesca.

Ms Cundy and nightclub boss Gordeno, who were last pictured together at last month’s National Reality TV Awards, today announced that they had separated after 10 months together

Since Lizzie and Gordeno announced their separation, a photo has emerged of blonde mother of one Francesca sitting on the nightclub entrepreneur’s lap, which has angered her mother

Candice Hodge (right) previously dated Gordeno (centre) for two years and the couple were said to have been engaged. Candice is said to be upset at Gordeno’s friendship with her daughter Francesca (left), pictured with the couple on holiday two years ago 

Speaking to MailOnline, Candace said she felt ‘deeply upset’, admitting: ‘I have fallen out with Francesca over this and are now no longer on speaking terms. She knows how how I feel about this man and I feel it is a betrayal.

‘Francesca knows how he treated me and our history together. He had proposed and we were going to get married, then it was all off. I don’t know if I can ever forgive her.’ 

Candice, who runs a upmarket dog grooming business in Weybridge, Surrey, said she was stunned when she first discovered she had been dumped for Ms Cundy and is shocked to learn that her daughter is spending time with her former partner.

Francesca (pictured) is said to have been spending increasing amounts of time with Gordeno in recent weeks, which has upset her mother who dated the businessman before Ms Cundy 

Francesca, who has a child from a previous relationship, has moved out of the family home she shared with her mother and the pair are said to be ‘no longer speaking’ over the friendship

She went on: ‘He is more than twice her age and I don’t feel it’s appropriate.

‘She has denied anything is going on, but they have been spotted in the pub together and she was seen getting out of his car.

Mother of one Francesca has moved out of the home she shared with her mother in Cobham, Surrey, and went to stay with an aunt a few miles away in Guildford. 

Her grandfather Robert told MailOnline: ‘I’ve heard about this friendship and no one in the family is particularly happy about it and it’s caused a bit of a rift.’

Candice, pictured centre on holiday with Francesca, right, told MailOnline that she is angry with her daughter for becoming close to Gordeno after she was with him for two years 

Earlier Entrepreneur Gordeno praised Ms Cundy as he announced their split, calling her ‘fun and beautiful Lizzie’.

‘I will always be very fond of Lizzie,’ he said. ‘But events outside our control put our relationship under huge strain. I have come to realise it’s best we stay just friends.

‘The last few months have been like a soap opera. Lizzie and I have been the innocent victim of some wild and false accusations. Life with Lizzie is tremendous fun…     

‘We got on really well from the word go. We didn’t stop laughing for weeks. Our friend told Lizzie before we met, ‘Jeremy will cheer you up’ and I hope I did. She’s not only beautiful but great company.

Gordeno, pictured leaving a property in Guildford, Surrey, who at 53 is 32 years older than Francesca, paid tribute to ‘fun Lizzie’ as he announced the end of their relationship today 

‘Lizzie’s a super girl who is loads of fun. I wish her all the best for the future and hope we can stay good pals.’

Meanwhile TV personality Lizzie who was previously married to footballer Jason Cundy, insisted she had dumped him when she told MailOnline: ‘I ended it. I want nothing more to do with him. I’m shocked and horrified by recent events’.

The former couple had been introduced through a mutual friend in a Weybridge wine bar and had been seen together at a number of society events as their romance blossomed.

But their relationship ran into trouble in May when Lizzie was confronted by Candice as she posed for a glam photoshoot at Gordeno’s home.

Today Lizzie insisted she’d called time on the fling with millionaire Gordeno and said she wants nothing more to do with him. It is unclear if she knows of his friendship with Francesca (left)

The former WAG was called a ‘f***ing whore’ as she was being pictured with her then-lover by the pool at his mansion.

She was yelled at by Gordeno’s former finacée Candice, who had stormed on to the set after letting herself into the house. 

Speaking to The Sun, Candice revealed she branded Cundy a ‘f**king whore’ in the showdown, as she explained: ‘All the cameras were around her. I don’t normally swear but I couldn’t help myself. I shouted, “You f***ing whore!”.’

Clearly heartbroken, Candice claimed Gordeno had revealed he wanted to start a family with her. 

Announcing the end of their relationship, Gordeno said: ‘I will always be very fond of Lizzie. But events outside our control put our relationship under huge strain and it’s best we stay friends’

They have been a couple since 2016 but friends of the tycoon say he broke off the relationship before romancing Cundy.

After the nightclub owner proposed in Italy, she revealed she had made the shocking discovery of his romance with Cundy.

She said: ‘I felt everything crumble around me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I couldn’t believe he was telling me to leave and not her. We have been through so much together.

‘I was crying. I said to him, ‘Three years and you treat me like this for her?’ As I was leaving I said, ‘He asked me to marry me, we have been looking for rings, why have you done this?’.’

Francesca and Gordeno have not responded to requests for a comment.

Ms Cundy, who was previous married to footballer Jason Cundy, and her lover were introduced by mutual friends at a wine bar in Weybridge where romance blossomed between the pair

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