LeRoy Butler Says Biz Opportunities Rolling In After Hall Of Fame Enshrinement

“If you’re a Green Bay Packer, a lot doors open up for you. If you win a championship, all doors open up, but when you’re in the Hall of Fame, football heaven opens up for you.”

That’s newly minted Pro Football Hall of Famer, LeRoy Butler … who tells TMZ Sports the opportunities have been rolling in since his enshrinement in Canton.

“My assistant is getting a lot of phone calls,” the 54-year-old former Packers star says, adding … “Some of them are just to feel you out, but some of them are stuff that I always wanted to work on.”

And, there’s one very special project in the works.

“I’m doing a documentary that my daughters are writing about my life story.”

Still, as great as the money and business opportunities are, it’s not the most important part for LeRoy.

“I was very excited for my family, man. My kids. I love my kids more than myself, and they really enjoyed it.”

We also talked to Butler about a comment fellow HOF’er Deion Sanders made — where Primetime said too many players were inducted into the Hall (“the Hall of Fame ain’t the Hall of Fame no more”) — an assertion which the former Packers DB disagrees.

“See that’s confusing me. I’m assuming he knows there’s only 362 guys in there. And maybe 170 living. But see, when you make it first ballot, it’s not that big of a deal,” LeRoy said, alluding to the fact that Sanders was an absolute lock to be inducted.

Butler says it’s different “when you have to wait 16 years.”

The Hall of Fame was the last unchecked box in what was a historic career for LeRoy. The Super Bowl 31 champ was a 4x first-team All-Pro who was named to the NFL’s 1990s All-Decade squad.

Congrats, LeRoy!!

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