Lauren Goodger 'broken' by death of daughter and plans book to help others

Lauren Goodger has shared an emotional post opening up on the grief of losing her daughter Lorena, and reveals she plans to write a book on her experience.

Former The Only Way Is Essex member Lauren, 35, was rocked by multiple tragedies in recent weeks, including losing her second child shortly after her birth in July.

The star, who is also mum to daughter Larose, one, with ex Charles Drury, then suffered serious facial injuries after an alleged assault which reportedly took place on the day of Lorena’s funeral.

Model and TV personality Lauren was already grieving the loss of her former partner Jake McLean, who tragically died in a car crash in Turkey and whose funeral was held earlier this month.

Lauren has been staying strong for her eldest daughter and has kept a relatively low profile of late, but on Thursday took to Instagram where she shared some of her thoughts about how she is feeling.

‘I just want to say thank you for all the support,’ she began,’ adding: ‘I am broken.’

The star revealed she is planning to one day write a book to ‘tell my story [of] all I’ve been through… and hopefully it can be someone’s survival guide!’

Despite the massive tragedies she’s endured, Lauren insisted she is ‘strong and I will not stay down.

‘I get back up and I keep going.’

Reflecting on the past year, she admitted she had been struggling with ‘zero energy’ as she juggled being a mother to her young baby while also being heavily pregnant with Lorena.

Now, she says, ‘my house is spotless and I have [zero] washing it gets cleaned constantly but I really enjoy it and gives me a focus to keep on top of, and I also love buying things for my home.’

Admitting she feels like she wants ‘a little change up,’ Lauren went on to joke that she’s ‘up every day at the crack of dawn thanks to my lovely daughter,’ adding a laughing emoji.

‘But I get up come downstairs and start the day regardless of how much sleep I’ve had and lately not [as] much as I need.’

Lauren went on to say that, despite how exhausted she feels, she goes out every day to ‘do a job [whether it’s] for myself or Larose.

‘I write a list of things that needs doing and I get something done every day,’ she said, adding she is staying ‘positive.’

‘I don’t drink and I don’t go out, it’s not something that’s a part of me at this moment in life, it’s me and Larose. ‘

Finishing up on an optimistic note for the future, Lauren declared: ‘I have goals in this horrendous time of pain, I have made goals and this time next year how different life will be.’

The reality star recently revealed a tattoo she got a tattoo in honour of baby Lorena, and made the ink ‘extra special’ by including her late daughter’s ashes.

In a poignant tribute to the little one, Lauren had her name tattooed on the side of her forearm, with a butterfly on the end.

She explained: ‘So my Lorena tattoo has been tattooed with her ashes. It’s something special.

‘Her ashes are now tattooed in me forever.’ 

Pregnancy loss helpline

For emotional support, you can contact Miscarriage Association’s pregnancy loss helpline on 01924 200799 or email [email protected]

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