Lance Bass' Husband Claims Britney Spears' Team Changed Numbers In Her Phone So She Thought Her Friends Were Ignoring Her!

Michael Turchin is coming to Lance Bass‘ defense after the *NSYNC star got heat for his previous take on the #FreeBritney movement, and the actor shared some very alarming information in the process!

For those who don’t know, Bass came under fire after weighing in on the #FreeBritney movement on his podcast, The Daily Podcast, last year and telling listeners to “trust the system,” suggesting the pop princess’ controversial conservatorship was necessary.

On Tuesday, Turchin took to Twitter to explain a bit more why his hubby took that stance at the time, and he claimed that people close to the Toxic singer — who rose to fame with Lance in the ‘90s — repeatedly told the boy-bander “lies” about the embattled superstar, allegedly insisting she was “fine” but needed the conservatorship. He wrote:

“ was blatantly being told lies by everyone around her in her camp for years. Ppl he trusted and knew for years. All of her friends were told the same lies which is why most never spoke up over the years until recently.”

Brit’s team wasn’t just lying to the superstar’s friends, according to Michael: they were allegedly lying to the singer by changing her and her friends’ phone numbers to keep the Grammy winner isolated!

He charged:

“They would continually change her phone number, and even change the numbers of her friends/ family in her phone so she’d think she’d be texting them with ultimately no responses (when in reality they were the wrong numbers altogether).”

Moreover, he claimed that in 2016, when he and his hubby “briefly” saw Britney in person, the superstar’s team wouldn’t let Lance get Britney’s number to make plans with her. Instead, her team “‘took his’ instead,” but Lance apparently “never heard back after that.”

Wow, so evil! But after Brit’s bombshell court testimony, not the least bit surprising!

After Brit spoke about her “abusive” conservatorship for the first time last month, Michael addressed fans who accused Bass of “discrediting” the #FreeBritney movement, explaining that the musician was “told by many ppl in her camp that she’s fine and needed help over and over again,” adding:

“Again it’s easy for outsiders to point fingers but it’s not so easy when you’re being told different things by ppl you once trusted.”

When asked why the Bye Bye Bye singer hasn’t spoken out about the mother-of-two’s testimony, his hubby said the “abuse” being thrown at him by #FreeBritney accounts made Lance retreat from social media. He wrote:

“Instead of trying to educate and inform him, most of the free Britney accounts on here just bash him and insult him and malign him — u think that’s a good tactic for him to want to support the cause? He literally deleted his Twitter a while ago bc the abuse was too much.”

He also explained that Lance previously felt a different way because he knows Jamie Lynn Spears and “trusted” the information Britney’s sister told him at the time. He wrote:

“He believed jamie Lynn bc he never had any reason to not trust her. Maybe he’s naive but he truly believed she has Britney’s best intentions.”

Hmm… is it just us or is he suggesting that Jamie Lynn might not have Brit’s best intentions in mind?!

There’s a lot to process here, but one thing’s for sure: Britney needs her freedom yesterday!

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