King Charles has seeds for breakfast, never eats lunch and works till midnight

King Charles’ former press secretary has revealed the new monarch's schedule and day-to-day habits, including what he will usually choose for his breakfast.

While Charles’ schedule may have been slightly different in his previous position as the Prince of Wales, his habits and tastes are likely to remain the same in his new role.

And while all the long-established succession plans have been put into motion, the new King, and everyone else, will have to continue to adapt after the dust has settled and the period of national mourning is over.

Writing in The Times, former press secretary Julian Payne has revealed some of the aspects of the new monarch’s day-to-day schedule, back when he was heir apparent.

As for most people, the morning begins with breakfast, which is usually a seasonal fruit salad, some seeds, and a cup of tea.

Notably not the line of eggs, the then-prince was rumoured to choose from each morning.

Julian explained: “I never saw a single boiled egg at breakfast in all the years I worked there.”

Following breakfast Julian says that the day would quickly begin, and if the day called for public engagements these would usually last until around 5pm.

And there would be no lunch break at this time, as the new monarch never chose to eat this meal.

Julian added that on days full of public engagements he would eat a big breakfast, or carry snacks to keep him going.

On days working in the office, Julian detailed how there would be back-to-back 45-minute meetings, until a break at 1pm.

But rather than for food this break would be to have a walk around the grounds of whichever of his homes he was currently residing in.

The former press secretary shared: “A meeting at Birkhall, his home in the Highlands, in the middle of winter was not for the faint-hearted.

“I can remember more than one occasion when I thought I might have actually got frostbite while trying to write with a hand I could no longer feel.”

Following this work would then continue until 5pm, when Charles would break for afternoon tea, often alongside Camilla.

Here the pair would discuss their days over sandwiches and fruit cake, with leftovers being stored in a tupperware box for the next day.

Then back to paperwork until dinner, which would always be at 8:30pm sharp, following which the new monarch would then return back to work at 10pm, continuing on until well past midnight, according to Julian.

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