Kim Kardashian West Adds Swimwear to List of Business Ventures

Kim Kardashian West’s empire keeps expanding. Thanks to several business ventures, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has become a successful entrepreneur over the past decade. She’s already made her mark on the cosmetics and fashion industry with her KKW Beauty and SKIMS lines. But the reality star isn’t slowing down in her business ventures. She’s reportedly adding another fashion brand to her name with the creation of a new swimwear line.

Kim Kardashian West is reportedly working on a swimwear line

Kardashian West is known as a style icon. Whether she’s getting glammed up for the red carpet or lounging at home in a sweatsuit, Kardashian West always looks good. Her flair for fashion has been a huge part of her career. She started as a stylist, with her biggest client being her best friend, Paris Hilton. Kardashian West has become the next big celebrity to take over the clothing industry with her eye for fashion trends and business sense.

Kardashian West already has one fashion line with SKIMS, a collection of shapewear. But she may be adding another clothing brand to her business ventures. According to Page Six, Kardashian West recently hinted on Twitter that she’s working on a swimwear line. Rumors about Kardashian West’s swimwear line stems from an interaction she had with a fan. The KUWTK star replied “SOON COME” to a fan’s tweet of “SWIMBERLY.”

Kim Kardashian West’s other business ventures

Given Kardashian West’s love of bikinis, it’s no surprise she’d choose to venture into the swimwear business. Although no official confirmation has been made, fans are excited about the prospect of Kardashian West’s swimwear line. This latest project will join Kardashian’s other business ventures.

With the popularity of KUWTK and her social media presence, Kardashian West used her celebrity status to branch out into the business world. In 2017, she launched her makeup brand KKW Beauty, followed by a perfume line called KKW Fragrance. By 2019, Kardashian West turned her attention to clothing by releasing her SKIMS brand. The SKIMS line started with shapewear but has grown to include loungewear, undergarments, and leggings.

Kim Kardashian West’s business ventures made her a billionaire

Any entrepreneur knows that business ventures have their risks, but they also have their rewards. Kardashian West is reaping lots of rewards thanks to KKW Beauty and SKIMS. In April, Forbes announced that Kardashian West had become the latest celebrity to join the billionaire club.

Although critics have often portrayed Kardashian West as a dumb reality TV star, she’s proven she’s smart when it comes to business. With the addition of her rumored swimwear line, Kardashian West’s billion-dollar empire will continue to grow. With interest already buzzing around Kardashian West’s latest business venture, something tells us this will be another success for the established entrepreneur.

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