Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson want to keep romance 'private,' more news

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson reportedly hope to keep relationship ‘under wraps’

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s blossoming romance is still in the early stages. That’s why they purportedly “want to keep it as private and low-key as possible,” according to a Page Six source. “They’re still getting to know each other, and want as little pressure as possible. They’re trying to keep it under wraps,” the insider said. Since they were spotted holding hands on a Halloween theme park ride in late October, Kim and Pete’s supposedly “low-key” moves have included a handful of dinners out together and, more recently, posing in matching pajamas with Flavor Flav and Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner. To be fair, Kim, 41, might have a different version of privacy than the rest of us, given that she’s already filming her family’s new Hulu reality show just months after wrapping “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” (A production source says Pete, 28, won’t be appearing on the series.) “They’re dating. There’s no formal title. They’re dating and getting to know each other — still figuring it out,” the first source adds. “He’s so funny and is a really good person. All of the friends love him. He’s the sweetest person.”

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Adele’s ’30’ features heartbreaking voice memos of divorce talks with young son

Adele finally released her new album, “30,” on Nov. 19, and it features one of the most heartbreakingly personal moments she’s ever recorded. On “My Little Love,” whichfans spent much of the day reacting to by filling Twitter with crying memes, Adele’s 9-year-old son, Angelo, appears, via voice memo, and shares his confusion and sadness about the news that his parents are divorcing. “Oy, I feel like you don’t love me,” he says in a small voice. “You know mummy doesn’t like anyone else like I like you, right?” Adele tells him. At another point in the song, a voice memo features Adele telling her son, “Mommy’s been having a lot of big feelings recently … I feel a bit confused. And I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing.” In a third memo, Adele tries to explain that she still loves Simon Konecki, Angelo’s dad, who she split from in 2019. “I love your dad ’cause he gave you to me. You’re half me and you’re half Daddy,” she says. In addition to lyrics about the guilt she feels for ending her marriage, Adele sings in the chorus, “Mama’s got a lot to learn.”

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Bella Hadid apologizes for not-so-‘relatable’ Louboutins comments

Bella Hadid has apologized for sounding a bit out of touch in a Vogue video where she recalls not being allowed to buy Louboutins until she graduated from high school. In a viral parody segment of Vogue’s “Bella Hadid Breaks Down 15 Looks From 2015 to Now” on TikTok, user @defnoodlesspicy makes horrified and confused faces in a corner of the clip as Bella says things like, “I never, growing up, had anything designer. My mom wouldn’t let me. I think I got my first pair of Louboutins when I graduated high school.” Looking at a photo of herself, apparently wearing designer gear after her graduation, Bella muses, “It makes me emotional actually, because I’m so happy in this picture, for the first time in my whole adult life,” adding that today she’s glad she “made it out alive” from the “mental state” she was in previously. “Wow,” says the TikTok user who’s edited himself into the clip. “That was so relatable …” The Daily Mail noticed Bella, 25, responded in the comment section. “The context of this was that a lot of people think I grew up buying and wearing designer things …,” she explained. “I never take anything I ever had for granted & I feel undeserving at times but I wore this same pair of shoes, that were given to me as a gift, for the first 3 years of my career. To every job, go see, or meeting. The metal is all that is left of the bottom of the heel.” She added a laughing emoji and wrote, “I’m sorry it sounded pathetic, but 1. Bad story to tell and 2. I agree, I can’t listen to myself talk either.

Mickey Guyton’s 9-month-old son hospitalized, in ICU

Country star Mickey Guyton leaned on fans for support on Nov. 18 as she revealed her 9-month-old son, Grayson, was in the hospital. “I normally don’t do this but my son is being sent to the icu. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong. Please please pray,” she wrote on Twitter. The post garnered plenty of wishes for Mickey’s continued strength and Grayson’s speedy recovery, but as of mid-day on Nov. 19, the Nashville-based singer had yet to share an update on her son’s condition. Speaking to People in March, Mickey, 37, called motherhood “probably one of the greatest things I will ever experience.” She shares Grayon with her husband, Grant Savoy.

Kristen Stewart reacts to early Oscar buzz for ‘Spencer’

Kristen Stewart’s performance as a brooding and trapped Princess Diana in “Spencer” has been hailed as the best of her career. So would it be a big deal to the 31-year-old if she gets an Oscar nod this year? “I don’t give a s***,” she told Variety, her voice full of sarcasm, on the outlet’s “Awards Circuit Podcast” this week.”The Oscars are such a funny thing,” she explained. “There are so many incredible movies and performances that barely get seen. And it definitely says something about where we’re at as a cumulative presence, like what we’re looking at, what we care about.” That said, Kristen’s still pleased about the buzz. “I really appreciate that something that I was involved in has ignited such a large conversation. We don’t make movies to not connect with each other,” she said. More of a thriller than a biopic by most accounts, the Pablo Larraín-directed film focuses on Diana’s resolution to leave Prince Charles in December 1991. Academy Awards nominations will be announced Feb. 8, 2022; the ceremony is slated for March 27.

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