Khloe Kardashian posts Instagram pic looking unrecognizable, fans wonder what happened to her face

Kathy Griffin once said the Kardashian sisters take their natural faces as a “light suggestion,” and fans are wondering if Khloe Kardashian has begun to “improve on hers.”

Khloe Kardashian has gone from being the “dumpy” sister (though she was always pretty!) to having a crazy fit body. Even after having her daughter, True, she snapped back to being thin and super in shape.

Recently, though, fans have noticed a difference in Khloe, and it isn’t due to her body but rather her face.

Some fans have remarked that Khloe looks more like her mother Kris than ever, with rumors of some facial surgery swirling.

But with a new Instagram photo, fans are convinced that the reality star has had a nose job.

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“Where is Khloé? This picture isn’t her,” one fan wrote underneath the snap.

“Giiiiirl i adore u but what the hell did you do to your nose,” another remarked.

Several others said that they thought it was her sister, Kim, in the photo. But seeing as the pair likely visit the same plastic surgeon and probably use the same makeup artists, it would make sense to confuse the sisters.

Still, others were supportive of her natural look, letting her know she was already beautiful.

“I’m sure if you had stayed natural Ko you would have been beautiful and then some,” a third fan commented.

The Kardashians keep mum about their plastic surgeries, though Khloe has admitted she has facial fillers. Her little sister, Kylie Jenner also admitted to having lip fillers.

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