Khloe Kardashian: God Wants Me to Be Nice to Lamar Odom!

Lamar Odom just can’t shut up about Khloe Kardashian lately.

Ever since the release of his tell-all memoir, Darkness to Light, Lamar’s been airing dirty laundry about his very bygone relationship with Khloe.

Now that the book has made the New York Times best sellers list, Khloe’s taken to Instagram to share her feelings on Lamar’s success.

It began wtih Lamar making his own Instagram post, mostly to congratulate himself on the success of the book he helped to write.

Darkness to Light reached the number six spot on the New York Times Best Seller List, which is certainly an achievement.

The 39-year-old former NBA player seemed delighted and grateful in a lengthy caption expressing his excitement and thanking those who supported him. 

“We did this! We made @nytimes best sellers list for my first book, Darkness to Light,” Lamar exclaims.

Lamar goes on to say, “What felt like a lifetime of writing and working on this project has finally come to Light and I am grateful to YOU ALL!”

“It took a lot of courage for me to get so raw and candid with you all,” Lamar admits.

To be sure, the memoir contains many details that don’t paint Lamar in a flattering light.

“But I wanted you guys to get MY true story,” Lamar explains in the caption.

Lamar seemed thankful for the support he’s received from those around him.

“Thanks for sticking with me during my hardest times,” Lamar writes.

“My true fans, my friends and family, love y’all,” he continues. 

The caption goes on to thank Lamar’s children, his publishers, and his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar’s relationship to Khloe is honestly the biggest reason people are still interested him, and by extension, his book.

Lamar seems keenly aware of this, as he keeps dropping scandalous details about their time together in order to drum up interest and promote the memoir.

Absolutely none of this has been good for Khloe.

In just the past month, we’ve learned that the Lamar slept with roughly 2,000 women, cheating on Khloe constantly in the process. He even threatened to kill her.

Khloe was apparently no angel either, as Lamar claims she once viciously beat a stripper she found in his hotel room.

With all these appaling details suddenly circulating about a painful time in her life, you’d expect Khloe to have some choice words for Lamar.

Khloe is well known for standing her ground and sharing Her Truth, after all.

But when Khloe took to Instagram to comment on Lamar’s post, she had only kind things to say!

“Look at God!!! Congratulations Lammy,” Khloe exclaimed, using her affectionate pet name for Lamar.

“Keep shining,” she concluded, adding a twinkle and a prayer hands emoji.

Khloe kept her response short and sweet, succinctly congratulating Lamar and wishing him further success.

So, does that mean she’s cool with everything? Probably not, but this was really the only graceful way for Khloe to respond.

Despite being a total dog to Khloe during their relationship, Lamar has won a lot of sympathy as we learned that he struggled with substance abuse and sex addiction.

For a time, Lamar’s health was in serious question after suffering multiple stokes and heart attacks.

It seems like he’s suffered enough, and really, what would Khloe accomplish by picking a fight with him now that he’s trying to live in the light?

Khloe showed similar grace and restraint recently while discussing her cheating ex and baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

Khloe wants to keep the peace with Tristan precisely because they share a child. She wants her daughter True to have her father in her life.

“I know her dad is a great person,” Khloe said of Tristan in an interview on the Divorce Sucks! podcast.

“And I know how much he loves her and cares for her, so I want him to be there,” she concluded.

It must be exhausting to always take the high road in these situations, but clearly all the practice has made Khloe Kardashian a pro.

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