Katie Price under fire as Bunny rides a pony with ‘loose’ helmet

She only intended to show the world how proud she was of her daughter getting in the saddle.

But Katie Price came under fire for allowing Bunny, four, to ride a pony while wearing a 'loose' helmet.

The 41-year-old shared a cute picture on Instagram as the youngster showed no fear on Sunday.

Katie wrote: 'My little bundle of joy Bunny riding this morning' as they made the most of a quiet weekend together.

But fans were quick to point out that the helmet was nowhere near as tight as it should have been.

Replying to the snap, one said: "She needs that helmet tightened and a body protector on – you don't help yourself do you?"

Another asked: "Where is her body protector?"

One simply wrote: "Hat strap not secure."

Some jumped to her defence saying: "She isn’t exactly going to be cantering and jumping 90cm courses is she, Katie knows what she’s doing."

It came on the same weekend that the star has been spotted back behind the wheel of her bright pink Range Rover after her three month driving ban was lifted.

Back in February she was found guilty of being drunk while in charge of a vehicle.

But after getting back behind the wheel, Katie appeared to be wearing her seatbelt incorrectly – with the strap placed under her arm rather than across her chest.

Speaking outside Bexley Magistrates' back in February, Katie said: "I was given a choice of having 10 points on my licence or to be disqualified for three months.

"I chose to be disqualified for three months because it adds on to my disqualification that I'm already on, which means I get my driving licence back on the 24th of May which means I can go car shopping – let's ban the pink car."

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