Kailyn Lowry Confesses: I SUCK at Relationships!

Over the years, Teen Mom 2 viewers have watched Kailyn Lowry endure many romantic ups and downs.

Many have reveled in pointing out to Kail that some of her relationship problems are self-created, as she seems to repeat the same mistakes.

But it seems the haters were wasting their breath all along — Kail is very much aware that she has toom for improvement in the decision making department.

On the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail spoke with therapist and relationship expert Kati Morton, and the MTV star offered some surprisingly candid and self-aware comments about her dating history:

“I don’t want to be in a good, healthy relationship and then ultimately leave them or treat them like s–t to go back to the same person, so I’m scared,” Kail said. 

“Why is that? Why?” Lowry wondered.

“Because it’s familiar,” the therapist offered. 

Kail considered this and offered the following self-assessment:

“Anytime I’ve dated someone that was healthy, I was like…” Morton interjected, “It’s boring,” and Kail agreed.

“I don’t know how to accept the nice things that they do, so it made me very uncomfortable…how do I even accept this or say thank you?” Lowry asked.

“It’s like I have to talk myself into wanting it.”

Obviously, this is far more astute analysis than we’re accustomed to hearing from reality stars.

But given how fast she was forced to grow, the 27-year-old Lowry has had a lot of time to relfect on her mistakes.

Kail got divorced from Javi Marroquin back in 2015, and while she has yet to make another trip down the aisle, she’d be the first to admit that she’s repeated some of the same mistakes.

Lowry’s relationship with Chris Lopez led to the birth of her third child — but it also led to a good deal of heartbreak.

And Morton offered Lowry some sage advice on how to continiue looking for love without inviting so much pain.

“I would just encourage you to go on a few dates,” she said.

“You’re not dating one person…you can slowly get to know them, so you’re not on this like ride all the time.”

Kail seemed to agree that casual dating would be the healthiest option for her at this point, but she also admitted she enjoys the tumult of a passionate affair, stating, “I kind of like the ride.”

“You can have fun rides that are healthy,” Morton said.

“I really would like you to be bored in your next relationship…and then find excitement in other ways.”

Good advice for anyone who’s grown tired of constant drama.

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