Julia Fox stuns onlookers as she strips down to bra and pants in PUBLIC on shopping trip

Julia Fox astounds onlookers with scandalous shopping trip outfit

Julia Fox astonished the public when she strode into a grocery store in a barely there outfit, using her jeans not as trousers but as a handbag

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Passersby could scarcely believe their eyes as actress Julia Fox, who had a fling with Kanye West recently, stripped off almost completely for the trip to buy essentials yesterday. She tied the legs of her jeans together to form a handbag handle, and used the pockets to store her personal belongings.

Julia gave onlookers an eyeful as she strode around in a sporty black lingerie set with a white trim, which she paired with knee high denim boots.

The scantily clad star also donned a loose-fitting denim blazer over the top, in the same faded fabric as her boots, to accessorise her barely-there lingerie look.

Julia was an extraordinary sight as she pushed a shopping trolley packed with carrier bags around Hollywood.

She gave a scandalous new meaning to the term “lounge wear” when she seemed to deem her jeans unnecessary for the shopping trip.

Meanwhile, there has been talk of the 32-year-old joining the cast of Bravo TV show Real Housewives of New York City – although some might say her grocery shopping outfit was anything but typical for the average housewife.

Julia Fox bends over to collect her shopping

Julia Fox did the shopping run in just her bra, her pants and an oversized denim blazer, to the astonishment of locals who saw her

Julia Fox heads to her car

Julia Fox made her way to her car in the unusual outfit after shopping in the local grocery store 

Julia leaving the store

Julia Fox’s jeans seemed a mere afterthought when she styled them into a handbag instead of wearing them

Julia Fox makes her way through the car park

Actress Julia Fox was an eye-popping sight as she strolled through the parking lot to load up her car with goodies

Julia Fox in an equally skimpy outfit earlier in the year

Julia Fox is no stranger to skimpy outfits, having previously modelled this miniscule bra while out and about

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