Johnny Depp Sues ACLU to Uncover Heard Donation, Thinks Elon Helped

Johnny Depp is fighting tooth and nail to uncover whether his ex, Amber Heard, actually donated millions of dollars to charity like she said she would … suing the actual org who was supposed to get to the money to get to the bottom of it.

JD just sued the ACLU in an effort to obtain financial documents as he seeks to undo a judge’s ruling in London late last year … which concluded The Sun hadn’t defamed him with their 2018 “wife-beating” headline.

That’s where this ACLU drama comes in. Johnny and his legal team are attempting to prove Amber perjured herself in court when she claimed she donated $7 million total to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital L.A. — something she agreed to do as part of their divorce settlement.

Remember, it was in August 2016 when the ACLU put out a release thanking Amber for pledging to donate half of her $7 million settlement. A few months later, the organization announced Heard had donated $350,000 directly … but Depp’s team believe it was Elon — whom Heard was dating at the time — who paid that and anything else donated in her name.

Johnny believes the judge bought Amber’s charitable deeds and it worked against him in the final ruling, so he wants the truth to surface about where that money actually went … and who it came from. If it turns out she didn’t fork over the loot, he believes it could help his second defamation case here in the United States.

Depp thinks Heard only donated around $450k total from her own pocket in the end — and he claims the ACLU has refused to play ball and turn over docs on the issue. So, now, he wants a judge to step in and make it happen with the slam of a gavel.

Johnny is moving mountains to figure this out — the guy’s trying to firm up his forthcoming legal case here in the States. But, you gotta ask … if the org got the money either way, what’s the big deal??? Seems pretty petty.

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